A Perplexing Future.

A Perplexing Future.

Quibblo story contest 23.

Beatrice was born in 1978, but was thrown into a terrible coma (in 1985) after an accident at 7 years old, She is now 35 years old, having to face the new wonders, and horrors of the world.

Chapter 1

Remembering Summer

"Beatrice?" The soft voice says once more. It was a reoccurring voice, I don't know how long it had been there. All I know it was always there, and it would always come back. My warm brown eyes fluttered open.

"Where am I?" I gasped, peering at the many aged unrecognizable faces.

"Beatrice" An older woman began to sob uncontrollably, "Honey, it's your mother."

"It's been too long since we've seen those brown eyes." An old man sat next to my mother, his hands intertwined with hers.

It all came back to me, rushing straight to my head. It was 1985, a warm sunny day in Arizona. I was smiling from ear to ear, my 7 year old toothless gap yet to be filled in.

"Come on in!" My older brother yelled, splashing the cool blue water from the pool we had in our backyard.

"No, you know what mom said!" I called back, specifically remembering her telling me no swimming without an adult.

"I'm an adult!" He beckoned. He was almost one, thirteen, it was close enough at least I thought. Looking behind me I jumped, but first I slipped.

"Beatrice!" My mother wailed.

"Mom, I didn't know!" My brother, Cedric, screamed gasping for a breath. Everything was quiet after that, calm. I blinked rapidly, finally coming back to the present.

"What year is it?" I asked my mother. She sighed, and looked to my father.

"2013 honey." His wrinkly hand grasped my pale one. I felt as though I couldn't breathe. I had missed everything, junior high, the boys, growing up, prom, my first job. Everything, I had missed.

"Well..." I drifted off, my friends wouldn't remember me. How could they? I was seven. I had no one to call.

"Where's Cedric?" I asked, my face perking up.

"He's working, we haven't had the chance to call him." My father explained.

"Well, let me." I said hopefully, "Where's the phone?" I asked, searching for one on the walls.

"Here." My mother pulled out a slim black device.

"Mother, that's a paper weight not a phone." I held back my laughter, she was acting a bit off in her old age obviously. My mother sighed in response and she quickly turned on the device and started to fiddle with it.

"Here." She handed it to me. I took it cautiously, careful not to drop it.

"Hello?" A deep voice answered, a lot deeper than the one I remember Cedric having.

"Cedric?" I spoke unsure.

"Yes, who is this? Have you stole my mothers phone?" He asked, his tone becoming angry.

"It's Beatrice." I spoke softly.

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