Then and Now

18 years later....

Chapter 1

How it started

'You wanna cycle to the shops?' my best friend Megan asked me, on a beautiful summers day, 1985. 'You bet!' I replied. She went to her house, which is only next door and took her bike out. Her bike was much better than mine. It was bright and a hot pink, mine was only plain and grey. I sighed, she was always had better things than me. Her family even had a phone! And they were only released this year!! It's not fair that she gets everything while I get nothing. We cycled on to the shops.

We went the same way we always do. Up past the church down the main street take a sharp left down a little alleyway and cycle straight. We passed the church and saw a few people inside. Nothing good in there. The road was pretty quiet so we went out onto it and cycled on. Just as I as turning the sharp left that Megan had just taken something hit my bike, something big. My bike went flying up into the air. 'Michelle! Car!!!!!!!!' Megan screeched. But it was too late. I went flying up into the air then everything went black.

I thought I was dead, I really did. It was like I was sleeping and waking up but I couldn't move. I was on a bed. I woke up, but I didn't. I could hear and feel stuff around me. But I couldn't see, or move. I couldn't talk or do anything. All I could do was listen while my family sobbed next to me.

A few months later I woke up. Well at least I thought it was a few months. See, as I was there I didn't know if it was night or day. I woke up for real and looked around. I saw that the place was a hospital, I suppose I could have guessed. When I looked around I saw a boy there. He looked about 31 or 32 but I wasn't sure. It was funny, he looked just like my three year old brother. 'She's awake!!' he screamed. He seemed so happy. Suddenly an old woman who looked about 64 came in. She looked like my mother. She was my mother.

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