Fix a Heart

After an attempted suicide mission, Melanie Prescott is sent to a mental prison to hopefully move on from her mother's death. There is only one way to escape, to get better.

But how does one fix a broken heart?

Chapter 1


by: For_You
There is a saying: ‘tis better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.' Poets are liars that try to deceive us with their flowery language about love and life. I have been lied to before this moment as I sit on the edge of this pier. People tell me that I’m a smart girl with a bright future. They tell me that I am a talented girl with a life full of happiness ahead of me. Lies are never seen until it is too late.

Unfortunately, I learned this truth the hard way. To tell someone who you love that you hate them and wished they could just disappear is lying. I never hated her and I never wanted the only person in my life to disappear. But I can’t take it back. I can’t take back the last words I said to her before she left. My eyes lift to the sky. I wonder if angels can hear my thoughts. If only she can hear me say I’m sorry, maybe then I will be okay.

“I’m sorry,” I breathe out of my chapped lips. The waves are the only sound my ears pick up. My eyelids close, wanting to take away this pain. What can possibly switch the last words I said to my mother with, ‘I love you. Don’t leave me.’? Nothing comes to mind. My toes connect with the ice cold water. If I just sink into the water and never come out, I might see her again. I’d give anything to give her one last hug, one last phrase, and one last smile. Even my life.

Without thinking, I dip into the water. The clothes I wear fill with water and pull me downwards into the dark and cold lake. My eyes open one last time to see the rays of the sun. My mouth opens one last time to take one more gasp of air. My hand reaches up to clasp the emptiness of air. I then feel myself descend into the water.

It becomes hard to breathe, but not as hard as it is to move on. I haven’t moved on. I can now. I can move on with her. I can be with my mother forever. Forever.

Forever always has an end. Just as my head starts to feel dizzy from the lack of oxygen, I feel two hands lift me up. My eyelids are too weak to open, but I can feel the sun on my skin. I do my best to thrust out of the person’s grasp. Let me go! Let me die in peace… The person hugs me tight, not allowing any escape. My waterlogged ears hear a hint of sirens right before I faint.

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