Friend these people!! (In chapter 3)

Here's a list of people who'd like to make some more friends on Quibblo. Help them out by sending them a FR! Anyone who does (and comments saying so) will get a virtual hug from me! Yay! :D

I tried to write a little bit about each person, too, for those too lazy to check out the profiles for themselves.... You're welcome, Lazy People. :)

Chapter 1

What are you waiting for? Send these people a FR now!

by: Ithilwen
This user's a fan of Avengers, Star Trek, X-Men, Harry Potter, and LotR... So basically, she has a very good taste in entertainment, and you should friend her right now!
Tiffany loves to write, watch horror films, and is in love with Magnus Bane. She'd also really like you to read her story "Even After Death" ... So go friend her right now!
This user also has a passion for writing. Her profile has lighting and the color green, which is really cool, so you really need to friend her right now!
Here's a new member who doesn't have very many friends. -cue collective awws- She's a fan of anime, literature, and apparently fire as well. Sooo... friend her now!
This user is also in to cool things like Harry Potter (especially group stories and fan fiction -wink-), Glee, music, and video games. She also likes to give advice. Friend her... now!
And here is The Kit Kat Artist's boyfriend from Japan, who apparently got hacked and isn't happy about it, and that's really all I know.... but you should totally friend him (now) too!
Rachael is a tomboy who likes Asian things and is a witch from Hogwarts. Sounds pretty interesting to me! I think you should find her interesting, too, and go friend her. right. now!
Rachael says this user is a "very cool girl." Seeing as she likes music, books, and penguins, I quite agree! Agree with me by...... friending her right now!
Massive bookworm alert! That's cool. More cool things about this user: English, badmitton, and the Big Bang Theory. Also, she's married to her computer. Frieeeend herrrrr nooooow!
Shannon's got a great username, which should be reason enough for you to friend her... But if you need more reasons: she's a Potterhead, has a great taste in music, and has been featured member TWO TIMES! SO FRIEND HER NOW!
And last, but certainly not least, is this user who loves some of the greatest things this world has to offer: Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and Muse! So please, pretty please, send her a friend request!

*If you're feeling sad that you didn't get to throw your username at me in time, don't worry. I'll be making these every month (until I get bored or forget.) Yay! So let me know if you're interested and I'll fit you in next time :)

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