In My Eyes....(Punk Liam Payne AU FanFic)

In My Eyes....(Punk Liam Payne AU FanFic)

My heart tells me this is the best and greatest feeling I have ever had. But my mind knows the difference between wanting what you can't have and wanting what you shouldn't want. And I shouldn't want you.

-City of Bones; Cassandra Clare

Chapter 1

AP Government and Economics



"Thank Mrs. Parks," I told my last year World History teacher as she handed me my new schedule. I was with my best friend Lucy, and waited as she got hers.

This is the first day of my last year of high school! Finally, the year we have all been waiting for is here. My dance recital, I'm finally going to be the cheer captain, and the nights of all nights which is prom!

"What! AP Government and Economics?" she exclaimed surprised,"How the hell did I get AP Government and Economics!"

"Lucy, can you lower your voice down?" I asked her through a chuckle.

"I'm serious!" she continued,"I barely even passed World History last year!"

"Than maybe if you didn't cheat in your final exam you wouldn't be in AP Government and Economics,"I told her as we tried to squeeze our way to our lockers.

"Maybe you are right, but since I have you for that class I'm pretty sure I am good,"she simply replied with a smirk.

"And how do you know you have me?"

"Because you are Miss. Perfect, and all of your classes are always AP," she replied rolling her eyes as we walked up the stairs.

"I am not Miss. Perfect," I replied rolling my eyes, I really hate my nickname.

"Oh please! You are rich, have a four point oh GPA, you are now the cheer captain, you can dance, you are great at math, plus, to top it all up you have Mike after you," she replied as we finally reached our blue lockers, the lockers that have always been ours.

I stayed quiet, ignoring her. It is simply tiring that every time we talk the conveesation haa to turn into Mike. Can't she that I am not intrested in him at all. Sure, Mike is the "it" boy of this school, but he can also be the biggest jerk you can ever meet.

"So, anyways, I saw your truck and let me tell you is amazing!" she exclaimed smiling big. I had gotten a icy blue Hummer as a "summer present."

"Thank you. It's a really good car, but costy for the gas,"I replied opening thw locker and shoving my backpack and the books that will be mine for the year.


"As if that a problem for the Swan family," she replied rolling her eyes.

"Fine, but let's go! We don't want to sit apart in AP Government and Economics,"I said closing my locker and locking our arms together.

The whole way to class we were laughing and joking around. When we entered the class we were surprised to see a different class setting. Instead of all the seats facising East, they were facing each other. Half of them facing North the other facing South. Three chairs per row, and five rows on each side. We decided to face South and aeat on the first chair. I sat in row three and Lucy sat in the fourth row.

Soon the class started to fill up, and everybody stayed with their cliques. That is one thing about this school, everybody had their cliques.

"Hey," said Mike as he came our way.

"Hey Mike," Lucy and I replied as he sat behind me, soon to be followed by his football buddies.

"What are you guys doing here? I mean, this is suppose to be a smart class,"I told them chuckling, so they knew it was a joke.

"Probably the samething Lucy is doing here," replied Mike's best friend Trent making everybody laugh while stuck her tongue out.

Trent is not only Mike's beat friend, but he is also his twin brother. The look exactly the same, and they are into the same thing. Trent play Wide Reciver for our school football team. But that is nothing compared to his twin brother, who just happens to be captain and quaterback.

"Looks like we have a freak," said Mike looking past my shoulder, I turn to the entrance to see Niall Horan entering the class room. He sat all by himself, since is not usual for a punk to have an AP class.

"He is a punk, not a freak," Lucy corrected him, rolling her eyes. Before Mike could respond the teacher entered and the bell rang.

"Hello, I am Mr. Sullivan and this year I will be your AP Gorvernment and Economic teacher. Now, I'm going to pass a pacakage to each of you so you can what is required to pass this class and what we will study. Now, you are going to get two, one you will sing and return and the other you will keep."

After we were done he made us introduce ourself. We had to say our name, three things about ourself, and our future goal or dream. Everybody was taking ther turn and pretty soon it was mine. I stood up with a big smile on my face.

"Hi, I'm Camille Swan. This year I will be the cheer captain, I love to dance, and I love to read. My dream is that this time next year I will be dancing in Julliards dance hall,"I said before sitting back down.

"Of course," I heard someone whisper to loud, and it came from none other than Niall Horan, making everybody turn and look at him,"Miss. Perfect and her perfect future."

"Well, is not my fault you don't have much of a future, now is it Mr. Horan?" I asked annoyed, making MIke and his friends burst into laughter. Niall mouth simply went into a thin line, not expecting for me to retaliate in any kind.

"Now, everybody calm down," said Mr. Sullivan, clearly annoyed by thia little outburst,"And let's continue."

We continued introducing ourself, and once we were done we started to do work, a pop quiz actually to see how much we remember or know. It quite simple for me, but I noticed my friends having trouble with their. I stood up to give it to Mr. Sullivan, and as I stood up NIall did too. So, he does know his history, or he just guessed, I think I am going with option number two.

"Okay, you can leave now,"said Mr. Sullivan as we handed in our work,"No need to stay behind when you're done with the work. Plus, there's only ten minutes left."

I simply nodded before going to get my backpack and walking out of the classroom. I quickly made my way to my locker, so I could grab my math book, since I have Pre-Cal next.

"Hey, what are you doing out of class?" I heard Niall ask someone from behind me. I had forgotten that his locker was right behind mine.

"Just came from the principle office, got detention for arriving thirty minutes late," replied a voice I knew well. I froze in place as a memory tried to crawl into my mind, but I fought against it.

The voice belong to Liam Payne, one of Niall's friends. The reason I knew LIam is because three years ago he saved me from a horrible fate, something that could of scar me for life.

Him and I never spoke, so I never got to tell him thank you. PLus, we almost never cross paths. But every time we do the memory wants to replay in my mind, I juatbdon't let it. There's no reason to remember it.

"You?" Liam asked Niall.

"I finish the class work early."

"Why don't I believe you?"

"I did! If you don't believe me ask Miss. Perfect right there," I heard him say, and I'm pretty sure he was pointing at me,"We finished at the same time."

"I have a name," I called out, not even bothering turning around,"And I will really appreciate if you refer to me by it, if not, don't refer to me at all."

"I thought she was suppose to be nice,"I heard another voice enter the concersation, I slightly look over my shoulder to see Jade, Niall's girlfriend standing next to him. I ignored her comment and went back to what I was doing, ignoring the rest of their conversation. No use to listening to people I will probably never carry a conversation with.

First chapter! There's more but it won't let me post it! So, it will be on the next chapter!


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