Rise Above the Rubble (An Original Story)

14-year-old Brooklyn Walter was a perfectly happy and normal girl. She was on a cruise ship with her favorite cousin, when the unthinkable happened: it sunk. Hundreds of people dead, and thousands injured, Brooklyn finds herself desperate to find her way back home. While finding out a few things about the ship and meeting other lonely passengers, Brooklyn finds herself hopelessy lost, and entangled in this horrifying journey. Will she ever see her family again?

Chapter 1


It started off as just an innocent cruise.

In fact, it was one of the best vacations of my life.

I was with my favorite cousin Cathryn, and we were enjoying the wonderful foods and drinks that came with the cruise, not to mention the pool.

We never knew how horrible that trip would come to be.


My name is Brooklyn Walter, and I'm fourteen years old. My dad makes fake arms and legs for people who don't have those particular limbs. My mom is a secretary for the president of some mall. Which basically means, we are very wealthy. That's how I was able to go on this cruise.

My cousin Cathryn and I arrived at the cruise on the beautifully sunny day of May 27, and the cruise was scheduled to last two whole months. Neither of us brought our parents, which means that we were totally free for two whole months with no parental supervision.

We had a two-bedroom suite, with a master bathroom and the rest was basically a TV, a computer, and a couch. We had room service whenever we wanted, and there was no extra charge. It was the ultimate room. At least for two fourteen-year-olds.

There were theatrical performances every night, and you were always able to go night-swimming. All meals and games came with your ticket, no extra charge. There were plenty of people our age, and we were excited to meet them. We were planning on this being our best vacation ever, and it would have been.

Would have.

We were a week into the vacation, and the food, drinks, parties, performances, pools weren't getting old. Around noon, it started to rain. Not a lot, but it was still fun to stand outside and let the precipitation wet your hair.

But the fun didn't last. About an hour later, an alarm went off, and Cathryn and I had to shove our hands over our ears to prevent going deaf. We dashed back inside and into our room. Soon enough, we heard a woman's voice over the speaker.

"Passengers, this is an emergency. Please make your way to the rafts on the West side of the ship. I repeat, this is an emergency. Make your way to the rafts on the West side of the ship. Thank you."

Cathryn and I could already hear the people shouting and scrambling to get to the rafts. We were on the East side of the ship; all the way across the boat. And the boat was big.

I looked out our window. I could see a sliver of ocean water on the bottom of the window. And we were on the second highest floor. How could we make it?

"Cathryn!" I shriek. When I turn around, I see Cathryn handing me something. It was a necklace. My necklace that my grandmother had given me before she died. It had a large diamond (my birthstone) in a silver circle, hanging as the pendant at the end of a long silver chain. I smiled at Cathryn gratefully and we darted out the door into the pouring rain.

Outside, it was disastrous. How had we not noticed this had happened? People were running around screaming. Babies were crying. Water from the ocean was starting to pour onto the deck, sloshing around furniture. Some people were frantic to get off the ship. According to how many people were still on the ship, many people won't make it.

I refuse to let one of those people be me.

I grab hold of Cathryn's arm and run to the other side of the ship. Only now do I realize that the ship may be too large to make it across alive. I push the thought out of my head, and run even faster. Cathryn was stumbling behind me.

"Brooklyn..." she panted. She never was as athletic as me. But I won't let her die. I'm not strong enough to carry her, so she'll just have to make it.

"Come on, Cate, you can do it. We're almost there." I lied. We were probably not even a fourth of the way to our destination. I couldn't even see the rafts.

In the meantime, more water poured on-deck. That meant more furniture being knocked around. Furniture that will serve as an obstacle course.

Cathryn and I jumped over tables, dodged chairs, and kicked away broken off pieces from the ship. We were almost half-way there.....

We were stopped by a desperate-looking woman. She took me by the shoulders and shook me.

"Help! Help me! I need help!" She screamed at me.

"Okay! Okay! What is it that you need?" I asked her.

"My son! He is missing! I can't find my son! Please help...!" She screamed.

"Ma'am, I need you to calm down. We'll help you find your son. Ma'am..."

I didn't want to help her. I had to get myself and Cathryn out of there. But I knew that it was the right thing to do.

"He is seven. He has brown hair, and blue eyes like me. His name is Marcus. Marcus Little."

"Marcus Little....alright, ma'am, we will find your son. Stay here so we can bring him to you." I said, and took off, Cathryn by my side.

We searched everywhere. We started around the deck, searching for brown hair and blue eyes, and screaming "Marcus Little! Marcus Little!"

Marcus Little seemed to be no where to be found. We became frantic, and the crowd around us began to thin, as people made their escape. We had to leave, but we couldn't leave this woman without her son.

Our cries became louder, and we moved more quickly. We just couldn't find this Marcus Little. Then it hit me.

"Cathryn, inside! Inside!" I yelled.

Why this woman would leave her child inside, I don't know. But I was certain that he was in there. So, we tried to make it back inside, but all entrances were halfway underwater.

"Cathryn, you're stronger! Try and open this door!" I yelled.

Cathryn didn't give it a second thought. After a few yanks, the door was open. We ran inside.

"Marcus Little! Marcus Little!" We yelled. "Marcus Little!"

"Shhhh!" I said. "Listen!"

It was faint, but it was there. Over the spraying of water, you could hear a child's cry. I ran and threw anything in my way over my shoulder. "Marcus! Are you in here?!? Marcus Little!"

And there he was. In a corner was a brown-haired blue-eyed little child, scared to death. I smiled. But faster than it came, the smile was wiped from my face as the ceiling above Marcus's head began to crumble. It fell, fell....

Cathryn was quicker than me. She tackled Marcus Little out of the way and she was in his place. Wood fell onto her head, and she was knocked unconscious. I swallowed, and tears welled in my eyes. I couldn't take both Marcus and Cathryn. I took Marcus in my arms and turned away.

I brought him back to his mother, and she was grateful. I told her to go, and she obeyed. I darted back to where I left Cathryn, as the ship started to tilt.

"Cathryn!" I yelled, but I knew she couldn't hear me. I found her sprawled on the floor, slipping and sliding. I went over to her, to start dragging, but the ship lurched. I fell to my knees, and Cathryn slid past me, out the door, and onto a sharp piece of wood. The wood slit a deep cut into her throat, and cracked her spinal chord. I cringed at the sound. I knew it was too late for Cathryn. I brushed her blood-stained strawberry-blond hair out of her face, closed her blue eyes, and wiped her freckled face.

"Goodbye." I whispered, and left her.

When I was back outside, I discovered I was the only person left. The only alive person that is. Corpses littered the floor, bloody and bashed. The ship was sinking quicker, and I know I won't make it if I stay on. I search around for any rafts, but they're all gone. They must have thought that no one was left. I sniffled, and looked at my surroundings. Nothing to help me.

I closed my eyes and stifled a sob.

Then I dove overboard, and plunged into the black ocean.

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