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Okay, I don't do groups stories often, but one idea has been bugging for the past couple of days. Superheroes. I know some people are already doing superhero group stories, but I wanted to do one of my own. So, here is my idea.

There will be six in the main hero team. Six girl, six boys. So I have five spots open for two girls and three boy characters. Here's the information I need.

Name: (please, real names. If you want them to have a super name, then alright, put it in the nickname section)
Appearance: (please be descriptive, hair color, eye color, skin tone, any imperfections like gaps in teeth, acne.)
Style: (this mean clothing they like to wear. Any any other imperfection that need something like braces or glasses)
Biggest fear/weakness: (what will bring them to their knees in pain or fear. Basically anything that will leave them powerless.)
Power: (there are set powers, look below to see what they are)
Sidekick: (this is mandatory, they can't be human. They must either be an animal, robot, or golem[a golem is made of natural matter, such as stone, grass, wood, but they can't be more than three feet tall] You can have a maximum of two sidekicks)
Weapon: (each one has to at least have a minor weapon, like a sword, bat, or something like that. Don't go too far with this, please)
Backstory: (Anything in their past that was traumatic or changed their lives.)
What are they: (when I ask this, I mean Loner, bully victim, or someone who is taken advantage of. It must be one of the three. And there can only be two of each, so if two people before you use it, I'll give you a chance to change it.)
Superhero Outfit: (each character has to transform in order to use their powers, so they must have a costume. It can be as simple as a mask or a full blown costume. Note: mask are not required, they are completely optional)
Transformation: (if you want them to have a certain transformation sequence, then describe it here. Optional)
Signature Color:

Each character starts with one power, but has two. The powers are preset, meaning you can't pick and choose which two you get together. Here they are:

Super Speed/Super Strength (this set, I'm afraid is taken by my character)

The ability of flight/can turn invisible

Can grow wings to fly/speaks to animals
(the difference between these two, the flying, is that the one who can't grow wings can fly without them. the one with the wings needs to rest from time to time, while the other does not.)

Able to stretch out/ can turn to stone

laser eyes/can fold in on yourself

can give the illusion that there are more than one person (can create holographic clones)/can blow things up with the clones

I don't want all girls to be tomboys, since my character will be one. And guys, please don't make your characters overly dark or rude, or anything like that. I mean, they can be, but don't overdo it.

Here is my character:

Name: Bethany Maye
Nickname: (based off her powers) Speed Demon and Rebel
Gender: Female
Appearance: Short red hair, spiked at the ends, short bangs that cover her eyebrows, deep blue eyes, paleish/fair skinned, freckles, slight acne, taller than most girls but is never the tallest in a group, has several scars on the back of her legs, always has bruises somewhere on her body.
Style: Half cut tank tops, cargo shorts, sneakers, chokers, baseball caps, neck ties, knuckle gloves, and wrist bands.
Biggest fear/weakness: Not being able to move, being held down. Closed spaces.
Power:Super Speed/ Super Strength
Sidekick:she has two. One is an alien rabbit, the other is a small flying robot.
Weapon: since she has two different forms, she only has a weapon in one stage. As speed demon, she has two electron guns that can paralyze anyone if aimed at the right places
Family: no actual family.
Backstory: she had an abusive father, who constantly whipped the back of her legs with a horsewhip. She was taken into foster care, but no one would keep her because of her rowdy and tomboyish personality, soon she ran away from foster care. And no one was able to catch her to put her back.
What are they: Loner
Superhero Outfit: As Speed Demon she wears all black and orange. A tight black windbreaker that is opened slightly to reveal a dark orange wifebeater, loose black jogging pants with orange stripes down the sides, running shoes that glow orange when she runs leaving behind an orange trail, and a white mask on the left half of her face on the right are fine silver swirled tattoos. As Rebel she wears white and orange, a white training bra, tight orange shorts, knee high orange boots with white laces, and a black mask on the tight side of her face and on the left fine silver swirled tattoos. In both forms she has a black belt, watch, and knuckle gloves. The watches face glows orange and the belt buckle comes out and also glows orange.
Transformation: To transform in Speed Demon she snatches off her belt buckle and throws it as hard as she can. She holds up her left hand, a white half mask appears above her hand, she throws it like a frisbee. It collides with the belt buckle, sending back at her. It collides roughly with her face, sending her back. She does several backflips and lands in a crouched position, on of her arms defending the lower half of her face while the other hand holds her belt buckle. She straightens slowly, glaring into the distance. She grips the belt buckle as fine silver lines swirl onto the side of her face that is revealed. She them slams the belt buckle back into it's place on her belt. her body begins to glow as her clothes fade to a light orange leotard. She grabs her own shoulders and pulls herself forward roughly, curling into herself. She arches her back sharply and the black windbreaker appears on her back. She straightens and pops her back. She then starts to run her hands over her outer thighs and down. As her hands go down, black jogging pants start to appear. When she straightens again she looks at the pants in disgust and stomps her feet, making an orange strip appear in the sides. She smirks and spins, jumping up and stomping both of her feet, making a pair of running shoes appear on her feet. She then glares out, bringing her arms up the cover her face, except her eyes and a dark voice growls out "Speed Demon" she put her face in her hands as a pair of black knuckle gloves appear. Then she moves into a running position, her hands still in front of her face, she slowly lowers them and clenches them into fist in front of her.

When she transforms into Rebel she glares at her watch then slams her fist down on it. An orange light floods out from her, blowing off her hat and her hair back. She shakes her head, making her hair flow out a little. She opens her eyes into a glare. They turn from blue to black then fade to a deep red. She pulls her fist back throws forward a powerful punch. making her upper clothes fade to a white training bra. She pulls a leg back and kicks forward into a jump, stomping her feet to the ground, making a pair of orange shorts to appear on her lower body. She looks away in disgust, cracking her knuckles before grinning like a psychopath and throwing a hard punch. A pair of black knuckle gloves appear on her hands. She looks around then lifts one of her legs, looking like she had forgotten to put shoes on. She clears her throat, kicking the ground softly. A pair of white knee high boots appear on her and orange laces slowly intertwine into the boots. She looks herself over then put her hands behind her head as a female voice said "Rebel" slowly. As the voice is saying rebel, a black mask and silver tattoos appear on her face.
Signature Color: Orange
Other: she came from an abusive home, is currently homeless, she is a tomboy and is very sporty. She has a split personality, giving her two super personas. One of her personalities is jittery, like she had a lot of coffee. Speed Demon comes from this side of her. The other is passive and calm unless angered. Rebel comes from this one.

Note: I understand that you will have to use more than one comment to give all the needed information. So I would prefer that you would reply to your first to continue. In case someone comments while your typing and it gets separated.

The story will be called 'Bound'

If you would prefer, you can put the name of your character and message me the description. If it makes it easier.

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