There's This Girl..Please Read

Chapter 1

She's Amazing!

There's this girl..
She's two years younger than I am
She's blonde, I'm brunette..
She's mostly normal, I'm mostly crazy..
She goes to german school, I go to American school..
She likes dogs more, I like cats more..
She likes selfies, I prefer to have a friend in the picture..
She has braces, I don't..
She never gives up, I do sometimes..
Her favorite color is green, mine is yellow..
She likes Pop, I like almost anything..

As you see.. there are many differences, and there are even more.

There's this girl..
She loves food, I love food..
She's my neighbor, I am her neighbor..
She dances, I dance..
She loves water, I love water..
She wanted to be a mermaid as a kid, I wanted to be a mermaid as a kid..
She has a good sense of fashion, I have a good sense of fashion..
She loves bacon, I love bacon..
She likes taking pictures, I like taking pictures..
She thinks a guy is cute, I think that same guy is cute too..
She's my best friend for life, I am her best friend for life..

So you see, we also have things in common. Again, there's a lot more.
Throughout time things might change, but what will always stay the same is the last one "She's my best friend for life, I am her best friend for life.."

As long as I can think we have been friends. As babies we already played with eachother. I watched her grow up, while I grew up too. She has always been my neighbor. Sure, we had our disagreements but to be honest we never had a very serious fight. Even if, we would get over it. We have some very good memories. Sometimes we would paint eachother's faces, or bake something, or just do stupid stuff. This girl means everything to me. Next year I probably have to move away and I have not gone longer than a month without seeing her for my whole life, so I do not seek for that day to come. I'm going to miss her so bad. One thing is for sure, no matter what happens. I love this girl to death.

Just this week we painted each other's faces. The whole first page of my photoalbum is her and me.

I'm afraid of losing her. She literally means everything to me. Not everybody has a good friend as amazing and honest as she is, that's why I'm very grateful for her. She's my best friend and sister for life. x3


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