YAY!!!!!!! (Please Read!!)


Chapter 1

100 friends

This is kind of pathetic but I have reached 100 friends! Most people have loads more than that but to me 100 friends is massive! I would especially like to thank:

Cremeegg2: Once again, thank you for being extremely awesome all the time. You seem to always want to comment on my stuff :L !! Your my besto in real life and I'm your besto! Your quizzes and stories are actually the coolest things ever!

Cool2Twin: I may not know you in real life but it seems I know you really well on Quibblo. We always chat because you are so interesting! All your stuff is such high quality, I wish I was like you!

BerserkeGirl: You always comment on my quizzes and stories so I am never bored. You are such an interesting person and I wish we could chat more on this! You inspire me with so much of your work. Thank you for being here!

Xx_basketballkat_xX: Everything about you is nice! Even your nickname. We met because you won featured member one day and I friend requested you. Since then we have been great friends. You have even crawled your way up to my top friends!

Mawsholrat: You are probably one of the most patient people ever. I seem to always message you about the one thing and you never tell me to shut up, like you should. All the things you make are so interesting and it's cool that you're a stag in a humans body :)

CatoET: You always read, take and comment on my stuff. We only became friends recently but you still are a great friend. you like the same music I do and you are truly, a cool person.

brm13: I love your work! You are an awesome person and I really like your creativity! Your story 'It Is What It Is' is especially awesome, and not only because I wrote Chapter 4!!!!!

There are so many people I want to thank but I'm too tired. I'll mention my group story 'Our Souls Untited' here's the link: http://www.quibblo.com/quiz/iGxDLmF/Our-Souls-United
And thanks to the authors doing it with me:

Well that's all! Thank you all for being my wonderful friends! I appreciate it :)

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