Things That Put Me Off Stories

These are a few things that really annoy me when people are writing.

Chapter 1

They are...

1. This is a common one but. Writing in text speak
Emma n her pals were @ the shp den Emma bot a bottle of coke, but she spild it al ovr hrself. she wuz :(

I'm not really good at writing in text speak but you get it. If your character is writing a short text message it's fine. But I can never understand text speak. I mean haven't you learned how to spell words?! Some words like 'wuz' I totally don't understand because although it has the same amount of letters as 'was' people still insist on spelling it wrong. If you write your story in text speak you have already lost yourself one reader.

2. Capital letters.
There are 3 ways you can use capital letters:
-my mum sent me to the shop to buy bread and i met my friend anna there, i forgot about the bread and went to anna's house instead. it was fun.

-My Mum Sent Me To The Shop To Buy Bread And I Met My Friend Anna There, I Forgot About The Bread And Went To Anna's House Instead. It Was Fun

-My mum sent me to the shop to buy bread and I met my friend Anna there, I forgot about the bread and went to Anna's house instead. It was fun.

Now the first way no capital letters were used at all. You learn this stuff in kindergarten! How the fudge have you forgotten it already?! Use capital letter at the start of sentences, at the start of names, places and the word I.
The second way wasn't much better. It just annoys me when every word or most words start with a capital letter. It's okay to use this in a title but when your writing a story I don't understand it! Is your handwriting like that too? NO!
The third example is the one I am looking for. All capital letters put in when necessary!

3. Mary Sues and wimps.

Here is an example of a Mary Sue and a wimp:
Example of Mary Sue:
Name: Gabriella Diamonds Vega
Age: 16
Family: Her mother is a famous singer and her father is a male model, they met at the Oscars. Her older brother is a famous footballer and her younger sister is a child model.
Personality: Funny, charming, attractive, athletic, cute, cool, calm, quirky, creative, brave, brainy, smart, everyone likes her, everyone knows her. etc. etc.
Looks: Beautiful wavy blonde hair that never gets tangled, skin that never gets pimples, pink eyes, perfect height and slim, doesn't need to wear make up because she is already perfect
Fears: Nothing
Weaknesses: Nothing
Special Talent: Everything

Example of wimp:
Name: Eva Bognetti
Age: 16
Family: Her mother and father abandoned her as a child. Has no siblings.
Personality: Quiet, boring, dull, shy, scared easily,
Looks: Long tangled up black hair that has never been brushed or cut, plain grey eyes, short and very very skinny too skinny,
Fears: Animals, insects, humans, chairs, beds, houses shoes, clothes, everything!
Weaknesses: Is scared of everything, is shy, is dull, has no friends, etc. etc.
Special Talent: Nothing

The first character was too perfect. You probably noticed she had everything and could do everything with no problems. These sort of characters are called Mary Sues and I don't like them at all! They tend to have beautiful names and, well beautiful everything. Marty Stus are like that but the male version. Characters in stories should be relatable so if I notice a Mary Sue in a story I am immediately put off.
The second character is too weak and wimpy! I nickname them wimps but I don't know what they are actually called. People like this annoy me because they often get the most sympathy. I don't mind if your character has some of the wimp traits just as long as they have some nice things about them. Nobody likes a character that is too weak!

4. Overuse of the word 'like'

I have noticed recently people have been using the phrase 'like' an awful lot. So here is an example of when you should and shouldn't use like. The word like is written like this if it used correctly and written like this if it isn't.

My friend Jennifer is my best friend. She is more like a sister to me than a friend actually. She seems to like the same things that I like and that is very clear when we go to the like shop. We like know each other inside out. The thing is that she is like really tall and I am like really short. People wonder why we like each other because we look like totally different. But I like don't think that looks matter. It doesn't matter that we like the same stuff either. It's our personalities that make us like each other.

It's a poor example but you get the message. It gets irritating when people use the word 'like' for no reason. I have seen many stories like it and it puts me off straight away. I just can't stand it!

I might write more I might not. Please comment what you thought, what you agree and disagree with and finally, what puts you off stories! Thank you for reading!


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