Another Teen Love. Please read!(:

Just a little peom I wrote, hope you enjoy!(:

Chapter 1

Another Teen Love

Remember when we laughed together,
When you told me we were meant to be forever,
When you told me I was perfect in every way,
And we talked every day.

Remember when we were down,
And we would make each other laugh by acting like a clown
When I finally told my mom and dad about us
When we earned each other's trust

But now we barely talk
And down this dark empty street I walk
Alone. Thinking. Wondering.

We lost each other's trust
And the love is blowing away as if it is dust.
What's going on in your mind?
Do you want us to once again try?
Or are you just waiting for all this to fade
Oh please tell me before it's too late.

What happened to our love?
I guess that it just wasn't enough
Are we just together because we are afraid of being alone?
For the smallest sign of your love,I check my phone.
I check it every 10 minutes, but what is there? Nothing.
Sometimes 2 weeks pass for a sign of your existence.
When we talk, there are no loving words no more.
Our conversations are short, and what are they even for?
We say hello, and a few minutes later bye.
Neither you, nor me, really still try.
The love is still in my heart
But now, we are just drifting apart.
Considering all this above,
I'm wondering was this just another teen love?

Fall in love with me again,
This is the only way to avoid the pain.
Let's restart
I promise, this time I'll give you my whole heart.
We'll try another way
Maybe our love won't ever fade away after this day.
Let us go to the clouds above,
and not let this be another teen love.


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