Elemental Days- An Original

Elemental Days- An Original

Three friends through a forest to get to the mall. When they come across three eggs that can fit into their palms. One white, one orange and one (insert colour here). The friends decide to keep them. When the eggs hatch the eggs are baby dragons. Each with the power of an element. The owner of that dragon becomes an elemenal warrior with the same element as their dragon. They then are transported back into time to defeat the Yangs the evil elemental warrior.

Chapter 1


by: British_
Name: Alix Froste aka Lexi
Age: 16
Appearance: Black hair,Bright blue eyes,Slim,Tall,Curvy
Personality: Funny,Friendly,Smart,Loud,Talkitive,Out-spoken,Feisty
Dragon color: White
Dragons Name: Nyx
Dragon: Female
Element: Ice
Abilites: Dragon breathes Frost. She can freeze things solid
Weapon: A long curved cold white blade

Ariana Carlson
Age: 16
Appearance: Ginger hair, green eyes, dimples, a long nose, skinny, tall
Personality: Funny, kind, athletic, popular, cheerful, smart
Dragon color: Orange
Dragon's name: Aithne (female)
Element: Fire
Abilities: Dragon can stand intense heat and protect rider from it, can set things on fire
Weapon: A bow and arrow, made from lava rocks, and a small dagger made from obsidian near volcanoes for close combat
http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/63281-dragon-in-eternity/: (the first one)

Marcus Rivers
Age: 16
Appearance: Tall, average weight, athletic, fair skin, light blue eyes, shaggy platinum blond hair.
Personality: Friendly, Can Be Funny, Kind, Loyal, Quiet, Intelligent, Not Very Brave.
Dragon color: Light Blue
Dragons Name: Shallows
Dragon: Male
Element: Water
Abilites: Can control water and breathe underwater.
Weapon: Spear
http://s179.photobucket.com/user/girlsrule1234/media/RP Characters/icedragon2.jpg.html ( looks more like a water dragon)

Jack talbit
Age: 16
Appearance: short blonde hair, lean, tall, tan skin
Personality: brave, adventurous, tends to be quite, but has a strong voice
Dragon color: blue
Dragons Name: Azure
Dragon: Female
Element: Air/wind
Abilities: dragon is extremely fast and can create huge gusts of winds by flapping its wings. He can make things float and push them away
Weapon: daggers that fly back to him

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