Anyone interested in entering my writing contest?

Here it is:

Chapter 2


Finally the contest is CLOSED!

Now these are the pairs: (I will message you this too)

Team 1: Xx_basketballkat_xX

Team 2: Alexis117

Team 3: 1Cam2

Team 4: panickansas

Team 5: Purukp2000

So now those are the teams. For round one these are each team's topics:

Team One's Topic: A zombie Apocolipse is going on. taking turns, write from a little girl's point of view.

Team Two's Topic: Mika's new pet 'dog' turns out to be a monster!

Team Three's Topic: The village children disturb the witch living on the side of town

Team Four's Topic: The day my pet rock came to life

Team Five's Topic: Who murdered Lady Brooke?

So hear are the rules:
1. A maximum of 6 chapters in your story
2. Both people most write the same amount of chapters each
3. You and your partner are the only two that are allowed to write the story.
4. I will pick the best team at the end and they will automatically go through.
5. One person from each of the losing teams will be knocked out.
6. Any questions about the contest should be messaged to me.
7. MAKE SURE TO TAG YOUR STORY WITH : Blemarooney'sWC (Make it all one word)

You have 1 week to finish your group story. Starting now!

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