Anyone interested in entering my writing contest?

Here it is:

Chapter 1

So here's the plan

I want hopefully 8 people to enter. I don't mind as long as it's an even number. So what you have to do is tell me in comments if you would be interested and I will randomly pair you with somebody else that has entered.

Then for the first round I will give you and the person you are paired with a topic, and example could be 'It's the end of the world and there are only two survivors, write a story from the point of view of the two survivors' And you and the person you're paired with will message each other until you have found a good idea. The create a group story and write it making it no more than 6 chapters.

You will have one week to write it and you and your partner must take turns writing. Then I will judge and the best team will make it through to the next round and for the losing teams, I eliminate one from every team of two. Based on their performances in the stories.

I will decide what round 2 will be if I have enough people signed up. Each team will have 1 week to finish their story. If you don't understand this then please tell me in comments and I will try to explain better.

Please enter as I really want to have a competition! To enter all you have to do is tell me in comments! That's all for now. Please enter! :D

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