This is related to Kagamine Rin/Len's song called "Secret" or "Black Vow." It's not EXACTLY like it. There's a few changes, but yaaa.

Chapter 1


"Rin!" Kaito shouted out to her, smiling and waving. He went over to her and gave her a huge hug. "I missed you so much! Did you miss me?" Rin faked an angelic smile and hugged back softly. "Of course I did, Kaito!"

Kaito and Rin had an arranged marriage since they were a kid since they were Angels in the Heavens. Rin, however, never liked Kaito, never liked the thought of an arranged marriage. She couldn't do anything about it whatsoever, so she played along. Now they were eighteen years old and were about to get married in the next two weeks. Rin didn't want that. She didn't want to marry someone she didn't love. However, Kaito loved Rin very much.

~Two weeks later~
"Rin-sama. You look very dazzling! You're the most beautiful bride I have ever seen in my life. Kaito-sama will be shocked to see you," a maid complimented, tying the bow of the dress on to the back. Rin was in a peach-colored, strapless wedding dress that had many ruffles in the middle with a huge bow tied to the back. Her short yellow hair was tied into a beautiful, curly bun with a veil falling down to her shoulders. As in addition, she held a pink flower bouquet in both hands. She was not happy.

"Thank you very much, ma'am. But please excuse me. Can you get out for a bit while I rest?" Rin asked politely. The maid nodded quietly, smiled, and quickly walked out, closing the behemoth, decorated door behind her. Rin sat down on the bed and sighed. "Maybe I don't have to do this. Maybe I can ask to postpone the marriage...?" However, she knew that wasn't going to happen since her family had made arrangements. She knew that once her parents said something, they'll never change their minds, at least not without a reason. And there, she heard the sound of the winds, fluttering through the curtains. They sounded as if they wanted Rin to follow it. Rin had a feeling. A feeling that she should follow it. She looked at the door and back at the window, thinking about what to do. After a while of thinking, she made her decision. She jumped out the window towards a bright, shining light.

~Moments Later~
Rin appeared at the edge of an alley way, connecting to a street. Her clothes changed from a glamorous wedding dress to an orange shirt with a black tie along with a black short shorts. She sat in the alley way, looking out to the streets with many people buying things, selling things, and bartering. She didn't know where she was. However, she definitely knew she wasn't in the Heavens. As she was staring out to the light blue sky that she have never seen before, she saw a light hand reaching out for her. She looked at the person who was extending the arm. There, she saw, a beautiful young lady with blue hair, blue beautiful eyes, and black dress, smiling. "Hello there. What are you doing here sitting all by yourself?" She asked. "Come on."

Rin started to developed love towards the young blue lady, a feeling the was forbidden among humans and angels. Rin took her hand, but didn't say anything. "My name is Miku. How about you?" the young lady asked, smiling.

"Rin..." Rin mubbled. Miku didn't hear. "My name... Is.. Rin," she said louder this time, turning red.

"Oh! Why didn't you say so? Do you have any place to stay at, Rin? Are you lost?" Miku asked. Rin looked away and remained silence. She didn't know where she was. She didn't know what to do. She only had a feeling of love towards her. "Well then, I guess not. Why not move in with me?" Miku suggested, smiling brighter than ever. Rin looked at her, eyes shining. She nodded and smiled. Miku seeing her smile made her stopped and looked right at her smiling face. "What is this feeling...?" she thought to herself. Once she knew that she was daydreaming, she shook it all away and smiled again. "Come on. Let's gooooo~." Rin followed.

~Two week later after the incident~
Rin was laying on her bed that was given to her by Miku. She put her hands behind her head, legs crossed over the other, and stared up at the ceiling. "Miku.. Miku... Miku... I miss her so much. She's only been gone for 2 days, but I miss her so much already." She had not once thought about going back to the Heavens. She knew she broke a law already. Once she go back, she'll not come back alive, for sure.

Miku came in the bedroom, smiling at Rin. Once Rin saw her, she shot right up and went to hug her tightly. "Miku! I missed you so much! Where'd you go?" Rin asked.

"Just a quick visit to my friend's," Miku answered, hugging her back. Actually, Miku went to arranged a wedding with her parents. Miku didn't want to do that; however, she had to. She was a princess. A princess had to marry a prince for her kingdom to flourish. Miku wasn't able to tell Rin that though, at least not yet. Just one more night. "Rin?"

"Yes, Miku-sama?"

"How about we give it a try again tonight?" Miku smiled greatly. She did love Rin a whole lot. That's why she was going to give it one more night.

Rin knew what she meant and brought Miku to the bed after locking the door. She set Miku down and got on top of her, locking Miku's arm up to the bed. She leaned in and started the process.

After they finished, they were cuddling with each other, closely and softly. Rin fell asleep while Miku was still thinking about what was going to happen if Rin knew about Miku's arranged marriage. She would just tell her in the morning when the groom come.

In the next morning, Rin woke up with Miku not in the bed with her. She looked around and then to the clock. 9:34, it said. "I wonder where she went so early in the morning. Maybe I should go check.." Rin got up and got dressed in a morning dress with her hair combed down. She ran downstairs yelling, "Mikuuuuu~ Mikuuuu. Where are you~~ Mi-" She stopped at the top of the stairs when she saw a man in a black tuxedo with a black hat on bending over to kiss Miku's hand. The man saw her and stopped to greet her. Miku turned back to see who he was greeting and was shocked to find out that it was Rin. Her face turned red. Rin was also shocked. She couldn't move until Miku shouted her name, then she ran back to her room with Miku running back for her.

At the bedroom, Rin was buried under her blankets, eyes red and wet, cheeks damped, feelings hurt and dead. She knew what was going on. Miku sat next to her and caressed her cheeks. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier Rin. I just didn't know.. I just didn't know how to. I knew you liked me. And I liked you just as much as you--"

Rin popped out of the blankets. "Then why did you do that?! If you loved me too, why did you go for that.. man? I know angels and humans aren't supposed to love each other, however... I still loved you! Was I not good enough?"


"Is it because of my wings?! I won't hesitate to cut them off for you! I'll abandon my pure heart to love you!"

"Rin, it's not--"

"Is it because--"

Miku pushed Rin away with both hands hard to make her stop. When she realized what she had done, she was shocked. Tears streamed down her cheeks with her hands covering her mouth. "I'm sorry, Rin... I didn't mean to..." Rin smiled and washed her tears away. She got up and ran away, out of the room. "Rin, wait!!" Miku stayed and cried.

In the basement, she took out a handgun from box, and brought it up to her head. "If she doesn't love me in this form...." Triggered. Pulled. Boom.

~Miku's Wedding~
Miku was waiting in the Waiting Room until it was the right time for her to walk down the aisle with the groom's mother. As she was waiting, she thought about a lot of stuff, such as "How is Rin?" "Where did she go?" "I hope she is okay." Miku felt like she was suffocating and was trapped in a hole and had no other way to go but go in even deeper until you reach the limit and die. She could not do anything. Since it was getting hot, she thought about taking a walk in the back to get some fresh air.

When she walking around the garden, she came upon a young boy, smiling with mournful eyes. His yellow hair was spiked up to the side. He had a dark tan, long sleeved shirt with a ruffled collar along with a black tacky pant. And at that time where their eyes met, the pathetic princess fell in love with the young man, developing a forbidden feeling. Miku was supposed to get married; however, she did not want to. "What is this feeling...? Just like the way I felt towards Rin..." She reached out to him with a blank face as the young man as the young man took her hand and kissed it. "Good morning, ma'am. Look great." He smiled.

Miku was silent for a few moment before speaking. "Oh haha, big day today." She felt dumb. As everything grew quiet, she didn't want the conversation to end. "Oh, sir, may I please know your name?" she asked quickly.

"My name is Len, ma'am. Surely you have a name too, don't ya? What is it?" He asked back with a cheerful smile. In Miku's opinion, he was a very cheerful person, just like Rin. The similarities between those two was significant.

"Of course I do," she laughed. "My name is Miku, and I am a princess from far away from here." Just then, she heard a servant calling out for her "Miss Miku? Miss Miku! Where are you? The ceremony is about to start! Miss Mikuuuuuu!" Miku quickly ducked down and sighed. She didn't want to go back. No, not yet. Or not ever. "Hey, Len. Want to do something with me?" she asked him. Len just nodded his head, not knowing what. "Want to run away with me?" Miku continued and smiled generously. Without a moment to think, Len swiftly and silently took her hand and ran away over the gate. They were having a lot of fun, especially the young Princess, as she betrayed everything and went along with Len.

~1 month later in a cabin faraway~
"Miku! Come here! I made something for you," Len said, sitting at the dining table with his hands in the back, holding something. He was smiling as Miku walked in, tying up her hair as she said, "What is it Len? What is so important about it that you shout across the house?" When she finished tying up her hair, she sat next to Len.

"Give me your left hand, please," he told here. When she asked why, he answered, "It's a secret until you give me your left hand," smiling. "Come on. Give me your left hand." As Miku stuck her right hand to him, he took it in and slipped on a flowery wedding ring. "I love you so much, Miku. Will you marry me?" he said softly. Without a moment to think about it, Miku already knew what he answer was. Of course. Of course she would. She sincerely and happily smiled back at him and shouted, "Yes! Yes I will!" They grab hold of each other's hand and closed their eyes as their forehead met. "I love you."

~The day of their wedding~
Miku was sitting on the floor in their house with her long and dark wedding dress spread over the floor as she was looking at her flower ring that Len gave her. She was really delighted and happy.

Meanwhile in the Heavens, Kaito was going insane ever since he learned that in was living down at Earth's ground, falling in love with another woman. "Did she leave me because she didn't love me? Was I not good enough?!" he raged and slammed everything off the table in a swift second. "It's that woman. THAT WOMAN TOOK RIN." He bit his thumb nail and thought about how he was going to get Rin back. Then his light switch turned on. "I got it! What if I just kill the human girl? Surely that will be breaking a rule of the Heavens, but it's not if no one knows.." He smiled to himself in an evil way.

With his white and pure wings, Kaito flew to the Earth's ground in search for Miku. "Where are you, young lady... Where are you..." As he checked the whole entire city, town, and forest. He was starting to give up. However, he found a small cabin west in a meadow. "Should I really check it? What if it's not them. It would just be wasting my time.. But what if it is..." He decided to go check on it anyways, so he swooped down and looked through the window to see a beautiful young lady sitting down with her dress spread. "Blue hair.. Black dress.. Miku..!" He settled down at the porch and took out his deadly gun. He slowly turned the knob to the right and opened the door with no sound. He planned to kill her swiftly and silently. As he entered, the wood he stepped on made a creaking sound that made Miku look back to him as he, without hesitating, shot her right on the chest. Miku flung backward as the shot went right through her. Kaito smiled evilly and flew away back to the Heavens, leaving with accomplishment.

When Len came back from the city, he was worried when he saw the door open. "I wonder if she's okay.." he wondered and quickly an inside to see Miku lying on the floor, all covered in blood. He dropped everything and ran to her side, picking up her head and shoulder, hugging her. "Miku! What happened? What's going on?!" With no hope of an answer, he cried and cried, hoping she would come back, but he knew she wouldn't. "My dear, lying cold. I will spend all my life for you as I swore on that day... My sin against God.... All my acts of treachery should be paid by my death.. So I will die with you. I believe that's my faith..." And when Len had traded his heart--

--Miku had woken up, seeing Len as Rin. As for Len was Rin all this time. Miku was shocked and by the time she realized that Len was Rin, she shouted out her name, "Rin!!" But, boom.

Rin died there. No trace.

Leaving no trace but a small black feather.

As Rin vanished, leaving the feather, Miku grabbed and clutched onto it and cried and cried until the young bride died in a sullied black.

However, they knew that even at the end of Earth, their vow to each other was forever. The sins they carried was always within them. And the only time they could see each other again was when the sin have been forgotten and brushed away and rotten.

~But until they could meet again~


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