Can anyone wants to enter my writing contest?Please enter It's my first writing competition!!

Chapter 1

Now here is all about this writing contest!!

In this writing contest I need atleast 32 to contestants so please enter in it!
In this I will be making 16 teams for round 1,i will give you to write on topics and there should only be 2 chapters in first story and to finish Round 1 I will give time of 1 week and for Round 2 the best writer in all 16 teams,one will be selected and in this you have to even write 2 chapters and time will be 1 week and then Will be quaterfinal round in this you have also write 2 chapters but in only 4 days and then will be Semifinal round in this you have only write 1 chapter and time will be 2 days and then Final round in which only 1 day is time for 1 chapter!

I and my one friend will be judging you on-
Your Internal Feelings In writing story

The contestant if not be able to complete 2 chapters but his opponent is completed then he will be eliminated out and both had just not completed I will see and select the best story!
Everyone has to complete story within timeline!


I will inform you about what is decided!
I will start it from Monday!

Chase's-Writing-Contest And Purukp2000 And Chase

I wish that you all will Enter!

And comment if you are not able to understand Something!!


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