You Stole My Heart: I Fell In Love ( A Harry Styles Love Story)

The Second Part to ''You Stole My Heart; Just One Look"

Jaime Alice Scott is back again! With Harry finally hers and the public aware of her- who knows what will happen next in her busy life with One Direction. But with the possible return of her estranged mother, will it get in the way of Jaime's new life? Read all of what is to come in the exciting, drama filled, romance sequel!

By Fish :) P.S sorry if theres some mistakes I couldn't preview and edit!

Chapter 1



A woman's voice answered me in a surprised sweet tone, "Jaime, Is that you?"

I sat up on the lounge, removing my legs from Harry's lap. Sadness, hate and guilt all took over. I knew who this was. A lump in my throat formed, I let out a slight whimper as I spoke;


My Mum gasped slightly, "Oh thank heavens! Love I've been trying to get a hold of you for ages."

I didn't answer. I couldn't. What would I say to her? My Mum? She barely was! Abandoning me, my father and Hugh, because why? Because she didn't want us anymore. What a fantastic reason!

"Jai? Are you still there? Honey, I want to talk about things," She nervously spoke.

By now, the boys had silenced. They only knew I was speaking to my mother, but they didn't know the whole story. Harry, of course, was the only one. And by now he had his arm wrapped around my waist. He knew what I was going throw at the moment.

"I can't talk right now." I stiffly said with no emotion in my voice, yet I was choking back tears.

"Jai, please honey we need to talk. I'm your-" My mother stammered before I ended the call.

Before I could do anything else, Harry and all the boys (except Liam, who was still on the phone outside) wrapped me in their strong arms. Sure it was a bit claustrophobic, but these guys were my family and they were here for me- even if they didn't know what was going on with me. I was upset and that's all they knew.

"What did she say to you?" Harry asks me after the massive group hug. His arm still around me.

Shaking my head,I let out a frustrated sigh. "She wants to talk about things."

Niall spoke up first, "But she's you mum, that's good right?"

I propped my head up on my elbows. "No. Not exactly. It's along story."

And you know whenever you say that, someone must insist on you telling the ''long'' story and that person was Louis. So I had to explain why my mother left, why we aren't close and how again Hugh died because of her.

"Next time Louis. Don't ask for a long story," Zayn says sighing sadly. Louis sent me a sympathetic look. I just shrugged it off.

Harry cleared his throat. He had been awfully quiet today. "You don't have to talk to you mother if you don't want to, but maybe...maybe you should try."

I frowned at him for a second then stood up, "I can't just talk to her, I haven't spoken or seen her in over ten years."

Part of me couldn't believe he had said that. I wasn't anger at him- I shouldn't be he is just trying to help, but he sort of had a point. And his guilty look was just killing me. Harry intertwined his hands with mine.

"Jaime, I know it would be hard to talk to her after all this time I know, but do you want to go your whole life without her?" Harry squeezed my hands.

I shook my head, "No, I don't. But I just don't get what she wants to talk about- I mean besides the whole mother-daughter-relationship. Why..."

But that question was answered by my gut. She must have seen me in the papers or magazines. That could explain it.

"Well whenever you decide to speak to her, I'll be with you." Harry stood up towering over me, "Okay, I promise I will."

A smile escaped my lips, "Alright, I'll eventually talk to her again." Harry smiled and kissed the top of my head.

"And we're all happy again- Yay!" Louis cheers with in a goofy way then Zayn joined in.

"Oh Lou you know Harry fixes everything doesn't he?" Zayn says in a squeaky voice and tackles Louis acting like he was kissing him. Ugh these boys

Harry let got of my hands and crossed his arms. I noticed his cheeks turning red, "Piss off you two! Go do that with your own girlfriends..."

I let out a giggle. It was rare to see Harry embarrassed, but when he was it was adorable! Standing on my tip toes, I kissed his hot cheek.

"I think you guys are a cute couple," Niall says standing up, "Jarry...or maybe Haime?"

I roared with laughter, "Oh my gosh Haime? Sounds like Hammy..."

Niall wiggled his eyebrows, "Sexy names."

"Niall!" Harry sounded a bit anger but laughed. Niall shrugged and I hit his arm playfully.

The front door opened during all the commotion. Liam, who looked a little relieved, was not on the phone. He shoved his phone in his back pocket. We all fell silent and looked at him.

"What's going on mate?" Zayn asks finally getting off Louis.

Liam patted his legs, as if he was thinking of how to break it to us. "Um well...Simon wants to meet Jaime."

"Meet me? Meet me why?" I scoffed, but I was the only one who thought it was humorous apparently. Harry's hand moved to my shoulder. I cleared my throat.

"When?" Harry questions. He didn't sound scared or concerned. It was like he was a tad bit nervous.

"Uh today. Soon as possible he said." Liam tells us scratching his head. I don't think it was because his hair was itchy- it wasn't like he had a ton of hair like he use to.

Biting my lip, I glanced around the room. It was if they nervous. The kind of nervous you get when you have your first kiss; the excited but still freaked out kind.

"Let me go get ready," I start walking to my room, "We can leave in an hour."

"No way!" Louis shouts. I could hear him and Zayn behind me. "You need more time!"

I whipped around, and was thrown over Lou's shoulder. I punched him a few times, but he didn't flinch. "Put me down. Harry!"

"Guy's just put my girlfriend down please." Harry says sternly. His hair was messed up; he must have been running his hands throw it...he did that when he was nervous.

"She needs our help Hazza!" Louis says putting me down.

Harry frowned and as he was about to say something Liam butted in, "Harry I need to speak with you..."

Harry sighed and walked to the kitchen. Niall shrugged and followed him with his crisps.

"Trust us.You need our help to impress him." Zayn insists. I scrunched my brows.

"Fine. I don't understand why, but fine." I say a little annoyed.

God what was the big deal with me meeting Simon anyway?!

A.N Hello Guys! Hope you liked the chapter, I know it was long and had a slight cliff hanger, but I needed to fit it all in one chapter! There is so much to come so please keep reading and commenting! Thank you :)

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