Volcano Trouble {Original Story}

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Chapter 1

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Jessica and Sophia stepped off the plane and on to the romantic island of Maui, Hawaii. Sophia noticing a cluster of people and pointed, "Look there they are!" Jessica looked where Sophia was pointing and saw them. Both girls weaved through the crowd of people and finally made to where their friends were. Jessica and Sophia followed their friends to a hotel near the beach. "Tammy you really outdid yourself this time," Jessica said to the leader of the group, a tall attractive girl with long blond hair. "Don't be silly Jess, you deserve it." exclaimed Tammy with a toss of her head. Jessica rolled her eyes "You are such a drama queen." By the time the banter had calmed down it was sunset and the gang parted ways. Jessica and Sophia were drifting off when the trouble started. Suddenly Haleakala, the old, inactive, obsolete volcano came to life with an explosion so loud it shook the stratosphere. Both girls woke with a start from the tremor. Sophia asked, "What was that?"

Jessica gestured to the lava flowing down to the water below them. Sophia gasped and wailed, "This trip is turning into a fiasco!" Jessica picked up the phone called Tammy. Instead, Jeff, Tammy's boyfriend picked up. Jessica asked, "Is everything alright?" Jeff replied, Yes, every things fine, are you ok as well?" Jessica started to reply when the line went dead. As Jessica stood looking quizzically at the phone Sophia walked over and suggested they go back to bed and figure this out in the morning.

Both girls woke up bright and early despite the circumstances last night. Sophia pulled the curtains open to let some light in. The sun glared off the sparkling, turquoise, aquatic sea, a change from last night.

The girls met their friends at a frequently patronized, charming little café. Tammy and Jeff were the only ones there because the others were helping the natives with the damage done by the volcano. Tammy suggested that the girls find out why the volcano, after so many years had erupted last night, making everything ramshackle.

Unknown to the girls Jeff had been listening from a curtain near the men's room. After they paid the check Jessica suggested that they go down to the beach and test if the cooled lava was real or fake. Sophia brought her archeological kit to examine the igneous rock. They found it near the shallow water and began restoring it with know-how. The girls worked for long compelling hours and were just about to give up and retire for the day when Sophia screamed jubilantly, "Its fake! I don't know how, but it is." The other girls rushed over, excited by the discovery.

The girls went home and changed for the irresistible beach party that night. The girls were enthralled and absorbed by the beautiful bountiful array of gorgeous colors caused by the majestic, luscious, mesmerizing sunset. There was a lot of ballyhoo and idle chit-chat. The girls and guys played a game of charades with charisma and confidence. Everyone was so absorbed and oblivious in the fun they didn't notice the sky had become overcast. As it started to rain everyone ventured to their cars fatigued but jovial.

The next morning the girls went to visit the ruins of the ancient city hoping for a lead about the volcano. In disgust Jessica commented, "This is really the ultimate challenge." The girls asked every person they saw, but always were answered pessimistically. They finally triumphed when they met a vain, mischievous, jester. He told them that he had seen two people scale Haleakala and burrow inside it. On a whim the girls began to cavort until Tammy pointed out how hard it would be to find the men in an urban city such as this. Jessica and Sophia were mortified that they had not thought of this. Never the less the girls dedicated themselves to making this their top priority.
The girls detested having to wait but it was essential that they have a benefactor to finance the trip. The jester murmured, "I'll help."
The girls were thrilled that he wanted to help expose the men.

The next morning the girls met Tammy in the lobby with middle-aged gentleman Sophia thought looked familiar. Something clicked in Sophia's mind and she uttered "Uncle John!"
"Sophia? You have grown so much since I last saw you." he smiled kindly
"Jessica, Sophia, John Smith will be our guide and benefactor for our expedition up the volcano." Tammy informed the girls."

Several hours later the girls reached the summit of the volcano and began to search. Jessica was contemplating that the looked authentic but was too new to be the actual original volcano. Jessica called to her friends and told them they had made an erroneous calculation in their comprehension about the volcano. Just then Tammy's foot slipped she went tumbling into a pit. Luckily the pit was a moderate one and Tammy was limber so she only received a couple cuts and bruises. As Tammy climbed out of the pit with dignity her foot scraped on a gritty surface which turned out to be a ladder camouflaged by dirt. Flaunting her skills Sophia lunged at the ladder and flipped and landed perfectly and the base of a hallway.

Jessica whispered to Tammy, "If we donít hurry Mr. Smith will launch in to a tirade." Tammy stifled a laugh but nodded in agreement. Soon they came to room that looked slovenly. Jessica examed all the books and decided that this person or people as case may be had a tendency to enlist his or her daily schedule. When she read whose schedule it was her heart dropped like a stone. The name at the top was Jeff. Just then the iron door opened and every nerve on her body stood on edge. And that was all she remembered before she blacked out. When she woke up she was bound and gagged. As the girls and Uncle John struggled against the ropes, but remained immobile when they would sense something. When no one was looking Sophia slipped out from behind the door and untied the others.

Once every one was free they began looking for a way out.

A little while later the girls found a window and escaped eluding their capers. Sophia and her uncle stayed to guard the entrance while the others went to get the authorities.

Half an hour later Jeff and anonymous person were confronted by the police. Jeff had deceived them because he and his new girlfriend Julia had find a new mineral on the edge of the volcano. The police had fond found this story slightly amusing but the girls thought they not being sensitive to Tammy because it WAS her boyfriend that did it.

The next day was the girls last day in Maui so the whole gang threw a beach party in celebration of a job well done. Jessica remarked as the day drew to a close, "You know I really wish the volcano would erupt just one last time." Then, as if by magic, Haleakala exploded for the last time just as the sun dipped below the horizon.


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