Broken Angels of the Dream: The Tale of Chasity Aura Carlson

Broken Angels of the Dream: The Tale of Chasity Aura Carlson

What if your whole life was a lie? What if your family just kept feeding you lies after lies? How would you react if one day, a strange man came up to you, telling you that there's others like you and that you and the "others" must join forces in order to stop an evil that has risen up again? In this story, Chasity experiences the pain of lies, loses, and drama but also experiences the happiness of true friendship, hope, and love.

Chapter 1

About The Main Character

Background/Name/Age/Family: Chasity Aura Carlson is your average 16 year old girl who has troubles with boys, friends, family and school. However no one is ever just average and Chasity is no exception to that. She's a dream walker, a powerful one at that. For 16 years, she just thought she just had a wild imagination. However, for those 16 years, everything she saw and did was actually real and her family knew. They knew because her dad and his side of his family are well known dream walkers from across the world.
Appearance: Long wavy coffee with cream colored hair, faded sea foam green eyes that seem grey when mixed with emotions at times, china white skin that's sensitive in the sun, faint freckles across the bridge of her nose, 5'6, 130 lbs, shy but friendly half smile is always across her face, high cheek bones, small ears that are pierced but are often hidden because of her hair, usually wears denim jeans/capris, running shorts, long sleeved plain colored shirts or t-shirts with slip on shoes or sneakers. Her hair is almost always down and when it isn't, it's in a low ponytail or a French braid.
Personality: Curious, humble, shy, conservative, sincere, understanding, moody, dishonest, loyal, anxious, needs approval always, open minded, giving, generous, serious, head is always in the clouds, creative, intelligent, sensitive, and clumsy.

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