Loving a Reflection. (marauders)

This is yet another group story by me and RueandMadge. If she isn't your friend already add her! She is number three on my top friends so add her! This our fourth story together and we hope you enjoy.

Chapter 38

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So I have been sitting at the lake, listening to My Chemical Romance with Sirius Black.... and I'm confused, but happy.

I also played him One Direction, but he almost broke my earphones when he ran away.

I tried Green Day, but they weren't heavy enough for him or something like that; he liked Iron Maiden though.

He got annoying when he stole my Ipod and started playing Flappy Bird which Louise downloaded for me! I hate that game. I really do!

I stole it back though and climbed a tree where I sat there watching Smosh!

And turns out Sirius is the worst climber ever, he fell in the lake!

And then I ran away and left him taking drowning lessons!

A/N: Sorry it's short

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