Loving a Reflection. (marauders)

This is yet another group story by me and RueandMadge. If she isn't your friend already add her! She is number three on my top friends so add her! This our fourth story together and we hope you enjoy.

Chapter 3


I walked alone out of the front door.
Everyone else was reading while I got ready to go on a run.
My hair was tied back in a messy bun while my lycra running gear stuck to my body. My running shoes were tied carefully in the hope they wouldn't come undone.

I started off with a gentle jog as a warm up just getting to one edge of the river thames.
When I get to Hogwarts where will I be able to run?

I shrugged off the thought and started some interval training. I would run as fast as I could for thirty seconds then jog for one minute. I continued doing this for two hours until I was shattered.
I may be a witch but looking at me running you would think I am special for another reason.

I grew up always wanting to be in the olympics, as a muggle that was the only future I could ever see, now I am a witch my future seems so blurry. I don't know much about the magical world, how different is it from that of what I have seen growing up?

I jogged back to the house and ran up to have a shower quickly. When I came out in an outfit matching that of Alize I skipped into the front room.
"You are going to Hogwarts in two days" dad started, "so we have to get our tules sorted, you have your owls and you have to send us a letter everyday." He said.
"I won't have time" i replied straight away. "Once a week?" I offered instead.
"Okay, next thing, no getting in trouble!" He said eyeing us both.
I burst out laughing "Impossible" Alize and me said at the same time.
"No more then one detention a month?" Mum tried.
I scoffed, "still not possible!" I stated grinning.
"A week?"
"I can try but no promises" i grinned.
"Alize!" Dad scolded.
"I'm Louise" i stated.
"I am not falling for that one" dad said.
"No i really am Louise" i laughed.
"No your not"
"Yes she is" Alize said.
"I am so sorry girls!" Dad felt so guilty.
"Honestly, our own father" i pretended to cry.

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