Loving a Reflection. (marauders)

This is yet another group story by me and RueandMadge. If she isn't your friend already add her! She is number three on my top friends so add her! This our fourth story together and we hope you enjoy.

Chapter 2

Twin Tricks

I stare at Ollivander in the same outfit as my sister.She did tell you we love playing tricks on people,didn't she?
"Now Alize..."he begins and stares at the wands,turning his back on us.With one look at Louise,we swap places and I hold her wand.He turns back not noticing the swap.
"Ash Wood,8 inches,veela hair."he says holding a wand that looks very different to Louise's.Damn.Harder to trick people like this.Louise grins,taking the wand,she waves it around and I hold back a laugh.The glass shatters and Ollivander shakes his head muttering something.He fixes it and turns back around.We swap again.
"Mahohany Wood,11.5 inches,phoenix feather."Wrong again so we swap again.
"Oak Wood,13 inches,thestral hair."Wrong again so we swap again.
"Ash Wood,13.5 inches,Unicorn hair."Wrong,yet again so we swap again.
"Hawthorn Wood,10 inches,Veela Hair."Wrong AGAIN!So we swap AGAIN!
"Ah,I think this is the one for you.Very unique.Bamboo wood,6.5 inches,Hippogiff Feather.One of the rarest wands I've ever made,possibly the rarest."he says and passes me the wand and what happens,no one could guess.

My daydream swishes out of my head and plays out loud.It's me and Louise at Hogwarts tricking everyone in sight.We both burst in giggles while two boys gasp with their noses pressed up to the wand.I smile sweetly at them and pick up the first wand and pass it to Louise and I point at something and we swap and she waves it and the glass shatters in their faces.
"10 Galleons please."Ollivander says and I pass him the money and run after my sister passing the two boys.One with messy hair and glasses and one with messy black hair and grey eyes.

"Fancy a kiss?"the second one calls at us and we both look over our shoulders.
"The chance is like February 30th."Louise starts.
"It doesn't exist!"I finish.
"Who was that guy?"I ask Louise.
"How am I supposed to know?!"
"I don't know."
"And you're the smart one?"
"83 times 12?"
"Okay,you win!"

"Ha!"I yell running back to the bank meet Mom and Dad.
"How was it dears?"Mom asks us.
"Amazing!I finally saw Alize's daydreams!"I grin.
"And we pranked two boys!"Louise grins.
"Alize."Dad warns.
"Yes?"I ask.
"Oh,you were playing tricks AGAIN."he groans.
"Sorry Dad."I grin.

"For a guess,you two smashed the glass?"Mom asks.
"It was an accident first."Louis defends.
"The other one was to prank some nosy gits."I grin.
"You already prank people by tricking them,you don't need to prank people normally."Dad grins.
"It's fun!"Louise grins.
"Not for them Louise."
"Oi!I'm Louis!"I grin.
"Oh,sorry Alize."
"It's okay."I grin.
"I thought you were Loui-"
"They tricked you again dear."Mom sighs.
"You two!"

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