Loving a Reflection. (marauders)

This is yet another group story by me and RueandMadge. If she isn't your friend already add her! She is number three on my top friends so add her! This our fourth story together and we hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1

Good morning

"LOUISE FROST, ALIZE GET UP!" Somebody yelled in my ear but I just buried further into my pillow having already face planted
"ALIZE, LOUISE NOW!" They shouted.
I just grumbled enjoying the comfort of my bed too much, my sister probably did the same.
"You have to get ready for Hogwarts" they sighed causing me and Alize to shoot out of our beds at the same time.
"Honestly you two" our mother rolled her eyes walking out. "Get dressed and come down for breakfast quickly!" She hollered before she disappeared around the corner.
"Hogwarts!" I spoke in time with my twin sister, our reddish brown eyes meeting as we grinned.
"We should probably get dressed" I laughed at Alize.
"Probably" she grinned.
I ran to my clothes and grabbed some red skinny jeans, a plain black singlet and a red and blue striped jumper to go over the top.
My long brown hair, just like my sister's, lay loosely over my back.
Our hair was rather bushy and thick and hard to control with many different shades of brown and some of red naturally mixed up.
Alize got dressed as well as we ran down the stairs.
I grabbed some fresh cherries from the fridge eating them eagerly before my mum confiscated them.

"Hurry up daydreamer" I grinned at Alize who hadn't finished her breakfast yet.
She just rolled her eyes at me as she finished.

I skipped out the door, not without falling over as soon as I stopped.
I am not clumsy. I have really good sense of balance, i am just hardly ever still so when I am my body kinda forgets how to stand up.

Either way I ran, dragging Alize with me, in a hurry to get to the shops for some last minute school supplies. It would be our first year at Hogwarts so we had quite a few things to get especially since our parents are muggles. However they have been reading up as well as Alize since we got our letters to know where to shop and what not.
I started thinking as we drove to diagon alley. Alize had told me all about the houses.
Alize is really cleaver and might be in Ravenclaw but at the same time she could be any house other then Slytherin in my opinion.
I however could be in either Gryfindor or Slytherin knowing me.
I am hoping me and Alize will be in Gryfindor together though because that is where we are more likely to be together and it will be fun to confuse people on who is who.

I love pranks and I might get away with blaming Alize for some. Not major ones, I wouldn't want to get her in trouble, just let the people I pranked think it was her maybe.
That is why I might be a slytherin, I am rather sly.

We finally arrived at diagon alley after going though a weird wall. Magic is awesome!
"First we need to exchange some money" mom mumbled.
"They have different money?" I asked dumbfounded.
"Haven't you been listening you dimwit? They have galleons and sickles and stuff" Alize told me.
I, being as mature as I am, stuck my tongue out at her.

"Come on" father said dragging us into a bank. "Be careful about the goblins, apparently they are not very welcoming creatures" he whispered holding our hands.
I wiggled my hand out of his grip at the same time as Alize walking straight up to one of the goblins to get the money we needed.
Father decided while we were here we should set up a bank account for magical money.
As soon as we had done me and Alize ran out happily going straight for the wand shop, Ollivander's.

A reasonably old man greeted us as soon as the shop bell went off signalling we were inside.
"Who are you two?" He smiled down at us.
"I am Louise, this Is Alize" I smiled "Frost" I added.
"Well I am Ollivander" he grinned at us. "now what wands?" He muttered to himself.
First he handed me a walnut wand, eight inches, veela hair, flexible. I waved it and he turned into a clown.
With a wave of his wand he returned himself to normal "not the wand for you" he muttered outting it away carefully.He returned with another wand "Cherry wood" at the word cherry I perked up, "ten inches, troll whisker, swishy" he said. "Very rare"
I waved the wand and the whole room lit up in a beautiful red glow making me grin.
"That is your wand, ten galleons please" he said and I handed him the money.
"Now Alize..." He began.

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