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Chapter 1

Don't Got's One

Alright, so Elemental Group Story. Yeah, lately I've been sort of obsessed with Elemental powers and all that. Sooo, I decided to create my own one. Basic plot, a small group of teenagers, all Elementals, just finding out, and their job is to stop the government from finding out, while doing their best to use their element for good. Well, one adult already knows, but hes an elemental himself, my character's uncle, whom he lives with(I'll try to get someone to play the uncle). These people are, in the process of their job, going to be gaining relationships, some bad, some good, some a bit both.

Hoping the story will have some comedy/romance/action. I'll take as many characters as I think I need, once the sign ups are closed. So here are the powers you can choose from:

Can manipulate the air, wind, and gas
Can fly.
Transform into a cloud of gas, fog, or mist
Suck up all the oxygen from a place
Breath anywhere

Control, manipulate, and reshape the earth at will.
Make Golems(look them up, huge rock creatures) out of inanimate materials like rocks, wood, plants, magma, etc.
Can turn things into sand.
Can control and manipulate sand.
Control, manipulate and alter/reshape the surrounding terrain and landscape at will.

Create, control and manipulate fire, flame and heat.
Immune to fire.
Breathe out flames.
Manipulate lava, magma and volcanoes.
Burn things.
Heat molecules to melt things.
Explode self and reform.

manipulate and control water and mold it into any desired shape or form.
Adapted to underwater living.
Breathe underwater.
Absorb water.
Turn into water.

Can manipulate and control darkness or shadows.
Animate one's shadow.
See in the dark.
Be unseen in shadows.
Become a shadow.

Can generate whitish-blue lightning that also contains pure life energy.
Immune to being hit by lightning.
Control, generate or absorb electric fields and shoot lightning bolts.
Turn stuff on and off.
Absorb electricity.
Transform entire body into a lightning-like being of pure electrical energy.

Control ice, snow and other forms of frozen water.
Freeze things in solid ice.
Shoot beams of freezing energy.
Can generate ice.

Create and manipulate pure light.
Create protective shields of solid photons.
Bend light wavelengths to create lasers.
Absorb the light around you.
Generate Light.
Turn other things invisible.
Light Manipulation

Manipulate the various aspects of the weather by using water, fire, earth, air, and lightning/electricity.
Immunity to all weather-based abilities and effects.
Can cause natural disasters.
Sense the future weather patterns.

I know, those are some sweet powers, got them all off this link: http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_Elemental_Abilities, cut some of them off though.

Here's the sign up:

Age: (High School ages please)

I'll think of my character once I've seen the sign ups. Please sign up, I absolutely LOVE Elemental stories! :D

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