Sin City

Its for a story contest, though if ya'll like it I'll continue it! So yeah, enjoy

Chapter 1

New Kid

New York was once the world's busiest city. Everywhere you looked there were people, off to work, minding their own business. You could barely even drive a car down the street without hitting traffic or a McDonalds. Those things were everywhere. You couldn't walk 5 steps without running into one!

New York is not the same city it used to be, barely anyone lives here anymore after the terrorist attacks of 2024. We would've left long ago, during the first signs of danger and fail if it wasn't for the Gallos. We owed them money, big time, and if we left town, they'd kill of us.

The smell of smoke woke me up. Everyone was orange and black around me. I could hear more torches hitting the side of the house. I quickly stumbled out of my bed. The floor was hot, covered in smoke. It was really hard to breathe, barely any clear air.

The door out of my room was glowing, I put my hand on the nob and quickly jerked it back. My hand was charred and burned greatly. The pain lingered. Going out the door suddenly became increasingly impossible. The fire behind the door made that exit a hazard and a risk.

There was only one other way out of my room, through the window. Though that was also a risk, because my room is on the 2nd floor and below it was a solid concrete sidewalk, not something you really want to break your fall.

I decided I should try the door first, it seemed a little safer than jumping out a window. I grabbed my nightstand and lifted it up as if it was a battling ram. Slowly and increasing faster I started rocking it, try to get it in motion. After about 5 seconds of rocking it I let go, and the nightstand flew open, leaving a giant crack in the middle. I then kicked the door trying to make it open, and it made the crack larger. I kicked it one more time and it sent pieces of the door into the fiery inferno that was engulfing my hallway. There goes that plan.

The fire started catching the door on fire and quickly spread across my room, pushing me back against the my bed. The flames' heat could singe my hand five feet way. Now the only way out was the window, down to the sidewalk. I was pinned to the wall as the flames came closer and closer. My mind kept replaying the possibilities of what could happened, but I had to jump, there's no other option. Taking in a big breath, I jumped down.

The fall wasn't the worst part, it was the shock that ran through me as I landed down onto the concrete. Though other than a couple of cuts and scrapes I was fine, my leg was broken, my arm's were in the right place, my head was fine. I quickly made my ran toward the front of the building and a saw a black van with the side door open and people watching.

My dad had my mom on his back and was making his way out of the burning building. The men in the van were laughing. Then one tall, scrawny, famished looking man looked up at my father and yelled, "Two more days, Russels! Two!" And he hopped back into the van as the driver sped off.

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