For The Love Of A Sister

For The Love Of A Sister

What if everything you held dear was destroyed, would you keep the will to live and preserve or would you give up and fall into a world of gray, where you don't know who you are anymore? Most of us would like to think we would preserve but we don't know, can't know, until the unthinkable happens...

When the ones you hold dear are hurt, seemingly beyond repair, a part of yourself dies. You have to remain strong for them, but you're breaking down slowly. What can you do now?

Chapter 1


I felt the wind brush past hair, causing it to fan out, like a starless night sky. My straight black hair hits my best friend, Taylor in the face.

"Your hair tastes delicious Piper," Taylor says sarcastically. I laugh and bump her shoulder. "You know you love it."

Taylor rolls her eyes, saying "sure, sure". Taylor is the queen of sarcasm, she was even sarcastic with Will, our coach. I don't know if all senior swimming coaches are that way, but Will is scary.

He is also really weird, right now as he was driving the van, the radio on BOB93, he was singing to "Diamonds" by Rihanna. I was also pretty sure he was trying to mock her.

Jace got up and started dancing, well I think it was dancing. "Sit down Jace," Will orders. "You can get hurt!"

To this me and Taylor start giggling. Sure he worries about us falling to our death on a charter bus, but he has no sympathy with giving us death sets that makes me seriously consider he is trying to commit swimmer genocide.

Jace only laughs and calls out, "if I bust open my skull here, do I still have to swim the 400 meter IM?" Will just ignores that question, we all know the answer, yes.

Taylor bounces in her seat. "This is going to be so great! Senior Champs, 50 meter pool, my gosh its almost the Olympic trials!"

I laugh at her reaction to this, I have to admit I'm excited too. but Taylor gets way to ahead of herself. While I'm laughing Jace slides over to us, sitting in the middle on the buckles. Why they put seatbelts on busses I never understand.

"So what events are you swimming?" How can he send butterflies up my stomach with that one sentence? That one, simple sentence?

"Um, um, um," I mumble idiotically. Maybe I'm the blonde and not Taylor. Speaking of Taylor, she heroically comes to my rescue. "I'm swimming in the 400 meter freestyle relay, the 50 meter breaststroke, and the 100 meter freestyle."

Jace smiles, and I start melting. No Piper, don't look at that smile or the hair, or-

"You're swimming the 200 fly, right?" I blurt this out and want to slap myself. Of course he is, its his signature event!

However Jace doesn't mock my idiocy, he simply smiles. "Yeah I am, I'm also swimming the 400 IM, Will hates me. What are your events?"

I realize I am staring at him, what was the question? "Oh my events," I say snapping into it. Wait, what are my events?!

"Piper is swimming the 100 meter backstroke, the 50 meter fly, and the mile," Taylor says being super best friend again..

Jace whistles. "I forgot you did distance freestyle! Man, you're lucky this is a 3 day meet."

I shrug, not trusting myself with words. As he leaves Taylor hisses in my ear, "so much for playing it cool".

"But he's," I struggle for words to describe Jace and fail, resorting to hand motions. Taylor only smiles and says "I know".

I sigh and lean back against my seat, soon we will be in Atlanta and I would see my sister and my parents. We would go to the hotel, check in, eat, and then sleep. Tomorrow morning I would get up a 5:00am, spend 30 minutes getting my suit over my hips, eat some food, then get to the pool facility's by 6:15 for meet warm ups. Tomorrow was when I did the 100 backstroke and 50 butterfly. Sunday is when I had the biggy, the mile. And I was not going to look at Jace in his speedo. I'm immune to any guy in a speedo, except for Jace. Of course.

My event is about to start, the counter is there, ready for me to begin. I walk up to the block, forget how I did yesterday, or any other day, I lean over touching my toes, but knees bent. I hear the gunfire and I jump into my lane. It's only me and the water. My counter puts the sign down the wall, the yellow paper, signaling I only have a 100 left. Time to start building, the next flip turn was a sprint.

I am inhaling water, but I can breathe after the race. Air means nothing to me now. I slam my palms against the wall pad and stand up. I take off my cap and goggles and look at the score board. Lane 3, 23:58.12. I did a mile in almost 24 minutes. And next to that time is the number "3". Not bad.

I scale the wall and find my family, I pass Will on the way and he give me the rare "good job". I did do pretty well, 1st in my heat for backstroke, 4th overall; 3rd in my heat for fly, 8th overall, and since there was only one heat for the mile, 3rd overall there.

My parents and little sister congratulate me all the way to our car. When we get to the car, that when I realized I left my clothes in the locker room. I tell my parents I will be right back and start heading back toward the facility.


I hear Sophie, my sister cry out that. I turn to yell to her that it was fine. Instead I am hit by car speeding towards me. And my bones are being ground, my blood in boiling, and I can't think. I let out an unearthly sound, I see red with black spots invading, and then I fall to the pavement.

Authors Note: Hey, so the prologue is in Piper's P.O.V., but most of the story will be told from Sophie's perspective. Taylor and Jace might have a few chapters with their P.O.V. Also I know this is super annoying, but please comment and rate. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks! Also I did NOT steal this story. This is mine, I started it on my other account.

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