Hero-A One Direction Supernatural Love Story

Chapter 2

Luanna's POV

Not again, not again, not again
Seemed the more and more I went out the more and more it ended up like this. Me running down the alleyways of London streets, slipping underground, jumping off rooftops. It never seemed to end.
I came to London I'd say... Three years ago? I don't know, my mental time line has gotten messy. I couldn't differentiate what was yesterday and what was fifty years ago.
I had been in the woods, scouting the game around the area. That's when I heard the rustling of something that certainly wasn't an animal.
Sure as hell it was another fucking vampire. I've been wanted for a few years now, it's still a new feeling. To be a criminal.
They're gaining on me... 50 feet, 30 feet, 20 feet...

With a hiss of air I spot an open door. Doesn't matter where it leads to. All I know is that it's ten at night and the door looks vacant. I sped in and slammed the door shut.
Shit. I should watch my strength better. The door rattles in its frame and I froze for a moment just to make sure it wouldn't collapse.
At least now I have a moment to breathe. Not that I really had to. I could smell the vampire closing in... 10 feet, 5 feet...
They didn't see me slip in the door and I back myself against the farthest wall of this odd place. I walked straight into a staircase and with no where else to go, I walked up it.
I could sense the unknown's circling the building, I think they know I went in. I don't have much time before they take down the already unstable door.

I zipped up the stairs, my boots clattering against each concrete step, my hair wet with the London rain.
I got to the third floor and it was bright. Too many fluorescent lights. I squinted against the obnoxious artificiality and walked slowly down the corridor.
I caught site of a rack of clothing... A varsity jacket, a blazer, a striped shirt paired with red pants, a red polo and khakis, and finally a plaid flannel.
I took one whiff and smiled. It was definitely humans, and it was so far off my original scent I could taste it.
My shirt was off and replaced with the red polo. I put over this the flannel and then the varsity. Next was the red pants and I grabbed the pair of TOMS which were directly under it.
What an odd arrangement of clothes. I could smell the reminisce of the five males who wore them. One smelled oddly similar to that mermaid girl I've been talking to.

Very odd place.
Before I could ponder this more there were voices behind me. Footsteps came piling down the stairs, laughter flooding with them.
"Show comes on in five!"
"You ready?!"
"Niall of coarse we're ready!"
"Just making sure!"
I quickly ducked into the nearest corner, completely hidden by shadow and walls.
"Hey... Where'd my jacket go?"

"Harry, babe did you take my pants? My shirt? My TOMS?" A higher pitched voice asked. They were all boys. Ranging from ages 18 to 20.
And I was wearing their clothes.
"No I didn't... This is odd"
Before I knew it the lights in my little corner were on, and someone was standing over me.
A boy. Approximately my height, probably a little taller. He had brown hair and big brown eyes.
"Well hello there. Can I help you? My name is Liam" He said, cocking his head to the side curiously.

"So wait... You're homeless? And you just... Got in?" I learned their names.
Boy with blood type B was Zayn. A was Niall, AB was Louis, AB- was Harry. O was Liam.
Zayn was the one asking me the question, and I nodded dutifully.
It was a good thing I just ate, my iris's were black, if anything the darkest shade of red possible. Tricking these humans' eyes into thinking I was normal.
"The door was open... I was very cold. I'm very sorry" I whispered, trying to seem as pathetic as possible.
"Well you can keep the clothes we have crap loads of extras" Niall said putting his hands in his pockets and grinning ear to ear.
These boys are nice, I hope I didn't leave too much of my scent on them. It would be a shame if the scouts were on my trail and came across them. Poor things'd be killed in a heart beat...

"Do you have a home?" Louis suddenly asked.
He was the most potent of them all. I could barely smell myself on his hand even when I had just accidentally touched it. Something supernatural about him... Maybe someone in his family was different.
"No" I said.
He smiled, looking between all the boys, "Well this is our last show of the tour... I have a lot of rooms free in my house. I know I'm not supposed to lend rooms to strangers but you look about the same age as my sister. Maybe you two could be friends!"
Harry furrowed his eyebrows, seeming a bit unsure about this.
I on the other hand, was bouncing off the walls... In my mind of coarse. I kept my composure and smiled, making sure my fangs stayed hidden behind my burgundy lips, "Really?"

Louis laughed. He had a pretty laugh, "My mum has taken in people looking worse than you! Just for a night or two! I'll help you find a place once we're there!"
Harry still looked unsure. "You know Lou, I'll sleep over tonight..." He said.
When he said it all the boys seemed to get the same idea. I guess all worried I was some axe murderer. "Same" They all mumbled, yet their smiles never wavered. They were kind boys.
Hopefully the Louis' boys' scent will be strong enough. I presume it will.
And it looks like I'll be safe for another few days.

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