Hero-A One Direction Supernatural Love Story

Chapter 1

Character Infos/Calli's pov

My Character's Info

Name: Calli Tomlinson
Age: 18
Personality: random, friendly, sweet, kind, nice, kinda stupid
Background: she is the little sister of louis tomlinson but the older sister of lottie, felicite, daisy, and phoebe. ever since louis has been gone, calli cut alot but she also has a secret. she is a mermaid and no one knows beside her best friend luanna who is a vampire.
Looks: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=86629116

november's Character Info

name: Luanna 'Anna' Perez (i'm very unoriginal)
age: 255 (but she looks 18)
personality: vague, sarcastic, crude, protective
background: her 'father' is the vampire that changed her (this is from True Blood) and her siblings are other vampires changed by the same person. a fee years ago she disagreed with what her 'family' was doing by killing people and she ran away. since then she's been the most wanted vampire. her clan has started rumors about her to make her seem like a big threat and very dangerous just so more vampires try to find and kill her
Looks: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=86630850


Calli's Pov

I was swimming in the water and went into my secret cave. I was thinking about my brother Louis wondering how he is doing since he went on tour and left me in this horrible city. Well at least I have my best friend Luanna with me most of the time. Now let me introduce myself I'm Calli Tomlinson the younger sister of Louis Tomlinson and oldest of Lottie, Felicite, Daisy, and Phoebe Tomlinson. I'm 18 years old and I have two secrets. The first is that I cut and I can't stop. The second secret is that I'm a mermaid and no one knows except for Luanna.

I was daydreaming until I heard my phone ring. I got out of the water and I turned dry and I was back in the clothes I was wearing. I picked up my phone smiling thinking it was Luanna

I spoke softly "Hello".

The voice was familiar and said "Calli!"

I gasped and asked "Louis??"

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