13 Signs a Shy Guy Likes You.

I watched a video on YouTube called Thirteen Signs a Shy Guy Likes you, so I decided to make a story telling the signs. I hope this helps you! :D

Chapter 1

Does he like you?

1. He stares at you a lot.
If a shy guy likes you, he will stare at you a lot. But the moment he see's your going to look at him, he jerks is eyes away quickly.

2. He will not make eye contact.
When your talking to him he will be looking everywhere but your face.

He avoids talking to you.
Sometimes he will avoid talking to you because he's afraid he's going to mess up.

4. He gets nervous when you talk to him.
He will maybe play with his hair a lot if he has longish hair, swallow a bunch, and maybe sweat.

5. Lost for Words.

6. Enthusiastic texts, Facebook chats, ext........
He will message you a lot and act like a complete different person on the internet!!!

7. Touching him makes him feel nervous..........
If you hug him, or if you touch his hair.

8. Stalk You.

9. Random and Awkward confrontation..........
He will just out of the blue confront you and say something to you.

10. Friend Zone favors.
He will place his self in the friend zone by doing tons of favors for you.

11. Becoming friends with your best friend.

12. Lying about liking you.
You ask him "Do you like me?'", and he says no. That doesn't mean for sure he doesn't like you. :)

13. Embarrassed if you know he likes you.
He will get super embarrassed if he finds out you know he likes you.

I hope you guys enjoyed this! Here is the YouTube video I watched. :)


It explains all the signs and everything.

Thanks for reading, and please don't forget to comm and rate. :)


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