I can tell the future...holy crap...

Chapter 1

This isn't even the first time this happened.

Okay, so I write random stories all the time. No plan for them, just have ideas that I need to get down on paper or they will kill me. One day, I got this sweet idea, a little romance between a girl coming to her aunt's farm house and a country guy working on the corn crib for her uncle. Anyway, I made the character my age with my personality but not necessarily me, you know? I made up the guy straight from my mind. Cute, seventeen years old, blond, tall but not too tall, blue eyes, the works. Farm boy attitude, not technically redneck. Anyway, my character gets in trouble for driving the back roads at night with no supervision with a learner's permit so her uncle gives the truck to the guy (Sam) and his older brother for working purposes. Well...you know the rest, the girl and guy end up falling in love and yadda yadda yadda.

Now here's the weird part.

Today, I'm relaxing at my aunt's house, just writing a story like any other day. I hear a comotion outside at nine in the morning (i dunno why i was awake that early) and look out side and see people working on my uncle's corn crib. Now, I didn't remember the story, it wasn't a current one. The longer I look at the two youngest guys, the more it comes back to me. I watch as the day goes on like the creeper I am and I hear from my aunt that the blond was 17, the youngest. His brother had red hair. I still didn't connect it that well until the end of the day when my uncle let them borrow the truck I am practicing to drive in. Like...oh my god. they each fit the discriptions perfectly and I wrote the story months ago without even seeing them before.


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