Think about it

Chapter 1

So, as few of you know, I'm moving this weekend (trust me, it's important) I've been forever waiting for my parents to pick a house, to get everything worked out, and just overall get ready for the move. I was desperately wanting to move, new house, new neighbors, a positive change, right?

But then the thought occurred: "I've been waiting so long, and now I'm actually moving. Is this it? All the fuss, and now, it's here. Hm."

I thought about it more and more and I came to the realization that when I'm 90, when I am going to die soon, the thought of, "Was that it? What that all there was to life? What was all the fuss?" became more and more real.

"What was all the fuss?" The question that brought me to my new way of thinking.

When I'm 90, I don't want to look back on my life and ask that question. I realized that when people say, "Live like your dying" It made so much more sense than I originally thought.

Instead of being unhappy in situations, I've decided to just go with it, to be happy Take risks, but most importantly, live without regrets.

It's empowering to think, that you and I have what, 70, 60? Years of doing crazy stuff. I'm happy I realized this now, and not when I'm 70, when it's too late.


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