This is beautiful.. you should read it..

I found this online in German. I had to translate it and switched up some things. I hope you like it.

Chapter 1

Dear Heart,

My dear heart,
Are you crying? Somehow I feel like you are right now. Or are you bleeding to death? Is there even a difference, or does it all feel the same? In case you are planning to collapse, please tell me. I want to prepare myself for it, and not just suddenly be dropped in a deep hole, because sometimes you let me fall more than fly. Sometimes you feel heavy like a rock. You then slide down in my pants, or if possible even further. Also I can't stand the battle with my head. Please just for once agree on what is best for me. Is it fun to have me forget how to breathe and disable my thinking for a short time, just so the complete opposite happens? When he calls me, you beat faster and pump blood in my cheeks like crazy. When he talks to me, you jump just like that. I try to hide these feelings, but it doesn't work. You speak his name with every heart beat. I just wanted to tell you this again.

P.S.: I need you. Don't leave me.
I would say this is kind of how I feel..

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