Never Underestimate Love (An Original Marauders Group Story)


Chapter 2

Ailbe Destiny Ryan

by: Pierced_
I woke up to sunlight pouring through my blinds. My alarm clock read 7:00 a.m., and I decided to get ready. My routine for the morning is simple: take a shower, dry off, get dressed, brush my hair, put on deodorant, and put on perfume.
Since I knew today was September 1st, I go back to my room to gather my things. I grab my suitcase and stick my wand in my back pocket. I put my screech owl, Summer, into her cage and walk downstairs, smelling chocolate chip pancakes.
"Good morning Ailbe," Mum says, waving her wand to put chocolate chip pancakes on my plate.
I sat in my usual spot next to Thomas, and dug into my pancakes.
"Wait, where's Dad?" Thomas asks.
"Oh, he's really sorry, but something came up at work, and he can't make it."
"Wait, so we won't get to say goodbye?" I asked. That has never happened before.
Mom shook her head sadly.
After we finished breakfast, Thomas and I hop into our Mum's muggle car and drive to the train station.
Fifteen minutes later, we were at Platform 9 and 3/4, as usual, filled with parents and students.
"Ok, goodbye Ailbe and Thomas," Mum said hugging us both.
"Thomas, please don't get into trouble with pranking the teachers again." Mum repeated. She always said that before we got onto the train, but Tom never listened.
Tom smirked. "I'll try."
Mum rolled her eyes, but was smiling as we turned to head onto the train.
I walked around the Platform, then spotted my favorite Hufflepuff, Amy. Her soft brown eyes and dirty blond hair made her the perfect, adorable Hufflepuff.
I ran towards her, calling her name. "Amy!"

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