Summer's Lament

I wrote this for this the summer poetry contest. It's the first contest I've entered on here, so please read, comment and rate! Thanks c:

Chapter 1

Summer's Lament

Though heartache torments her
Swirling through her mind
Her descent into the abyss continues

The abyss which Winter forms
A swirling hole of biting ice
And Summer tumbles
Caught in frosty grip

But within the chill, warmth comes through
Summer's heart beats strong
It thumps for Winter
It aches for him

She pines for his company
To feel his embrace
But when he arrives
Her sunny exterior fades

For as they dance back and forth
She tires and he strengthens
His fingertips stealing warmth
From her tender flesh

And he lets her fall
And watches with a look
That is neither cold nor warm
But apologetic

But he does not save her
For he knows this frost induced sleep is needed
So Summer slips
Into the chill of Winter's embrace.

And Winter moves in
On this Summer's warm love
To freeze her heart to the core
With frost coursing through her veins

And this Summer, like the rest
Will die and change
Just like her longing
But for now it remains


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