Story Contest - CLOSED - Commense Round One - DEADLINE EXTENDED

STAGE: Round one underway.

Chapter 1

The Bandwagon of Story Contests

So, by this point a lot of you guys may be disinterested, because I may be a little late jumping on the bandwagon, but based on others I have seen on Quibblo, I have decide to start a story contest. It's not quite like a tournament, but there will be multiple rounds.

The way it will work is as follows:

When I get sixteen sign-ups (or thirty-two, depending on how many people are interested, but I'll probably just do sixteen), I will send out the topic. Depending on the difficulty level of the topic, the time frame will vary. They will [most likely] get harder as they go.

After I judge the first round, I will choose the half that I like better, and the other half is out. So we have eight. Then for round two, I'll send out the next topic, and cut it in half again. This makes four. After the topic for round three, I'll choose the top two to write a story and can pick the better one for a winner.

It will be four rounds (assuming sixteen people are interested).

Is that fair?

I won't be judging alone - I'll ask various people or otherwise send a poll to an anonymous group of people. Prizes will be determined later.

So, for the sign-ups:

Let's just start by saying it will benefit you to be online often, because if you miss the deadline I'll message you, give you an extra day, or otherwise you're out.

It will be first-come, first-serve.

Is anybody interested? (I hope the train hasn't left the station without me!) If the first one is successful, I may do more.

Please comment.


fireworks356 out. Peace.

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