Broken Trust and Broken Heart.....(Niall Horan FanFic)

Name: Katherine Monet
Age: 17 then 18

Chapter 1

I Knew It Was Too Good To Be Truth!

Tears were crawling out of my eyes as I heard the conversation between Niall, Louis, Zayn, and Harry. I didn't mean to eavesdrop, but I'm glad I did. I should have known better, why would Niall love me? Well, of course he doesn't, he just admitted it, he didn't say it but must of well have said it. He signed a contract to be my boyfriend, his managment just wanted him to have a girlfriend...and I was the stupid victim. So, tobmy boyfriend of ten months I was just a paycheck.

"Kat..I...I swear I didn't know anything," said Liam who was listening with me.

"I know, you would have stopped him," I replied through my tears as I hugged him, Liam had become like an older brother to me, and I could see how angry he was with boys for this.

"Okay, we better stop talking before Liam and Kat come back," said Harry and the rest agreed with him, making my blood boil. I let go of Liam and stormed into the living room, I know I had eye linear and mascara running with my tear, but right now I had to get my anger out.

"Oh no, don't let me stop you," I said when I entered. All their faces went into shock mode as they realized I had been listening.

" did you hear?" asked Niall scared standing up.

"I heard enough, believe me," I said completly loosing it. " I should have known, I'm really stupid! Why would you, Niall Horan, ever want a girl like me?"

He was about to replied , but I stopped him speaking before he could.

"Well, it is now pretty obvious, you only wanted me because you were forced to be with me and, of course, you were getting payed!"

"No, Kat, listen to me-" he started to say, but I cut him off.

"Now you are going to tell me that what I heard was lie? Huh? Is that it Mr. Horan!" I asked as the rest of the boys stood and were about to talk, but Liam raised his index finger.

"This is between them....and I will talk to all of you later," he told them in an angry father's voice.

"It's true, but, Kat, you've got to believe me when I say I love you and-" he was cut off by my open hand connecting with his right cheeck. I lost it right there, and I couldn't hold it in anymore.

All the boys let out a gasp, they couldn't believe that their innocent, sweet, kind, and caring Kat had just slapped their band mate. Well, mess with a cat and you get the claws , right?

"Don't you dare say that! Don't you get it, Niall? I'm not a game you can play, I'm not a stupid paycheck! I'm a human girl with feelings, with a heart!....I should've believed my friend when she told me to be careful with love, because a broken heart is the worst pain you could ever feel," I whispered the last part. They all stayed silent ashamed ofbthemselves, except for Liam.

"Come on Kat," said Liam rubbing my back.

"Liam, can you help me pack?" I said playing with my abstinence ring. I was so glad I had kept my promise to God, it would of only hurt more.

"Where are you going sweetie?" asked Liam concerned.

"Home,"I replied, and I saw the question in his eyes,"No, not my hom in London, but my home back at in America."

Six Months Later
Liam's Pov

After Katherine left, six months ago, the boys explained everything. That Niall did take the deal, but after only one month he started to fall for Katherine, it still doesn't excuae what he did, now, in my opinion, he got what he deserved.

I've stayed in touch with Kat, I haven't told the boys, but I know yhey knee. I mean, Zayn walked in on a Skype conversation with her. I'm pretty sure he told the rest of the boys. Kat already forgave them, even Niall. Sweet, innocent KAt cannot hold a grudge against anybody no matter how hard she tried. She was heart broken, but she was also sweet. She even told me to apologize to Niall for the slap, but I didn't he deserved it.

"Hey it true what..what Zayn told me, Harry, and Louis?" asked Niall out of nowhere. We were all hanging out, playing Black Opps.

"Depends on what," I simply replied looking up from Katherine's text. She was going to a meeting with a record label for a contract deal, but it seems she was going to be in a group.

"Liam, you know what he means," said Zayn annoyed, they all were listnening.

"Oh, about Kat?" I asked like it was nothing, getting a frustrated sigh from Harry,"Yeah, I'm actually texting with her right now."

"How is she?" asked Niall looking at the ground, he has sort of been a mess since she had left.

"Good..she has already forgiven you boys, and told me to tell you sorry for the slap,"I replied feeling a bit down seeing him like this, I could see he was fighting back tears.

"Sweet, kind, innocen Kat," he replied through a dry chuckle.

"Yeah, she may get a record deal with a group over there," I told them without thinking.

"She does have a good voice," replied Louis, we always told her that. From the corner of my eye I saw Niall smile. Maybe one day, when her broken heart is healed and he has earned her trust back they could be together.

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