Well, since I'm sick I figured Hey, why not a group story?
So here it is
This is also the first group story I was ever made

Chapter 1

Ok so heres an Idea.

Ok, So I was thinking of doing a group story on a group a kids that can morph into mythical creatures ( Phoenix, Gryffin, etc). However, they don't know that they can do that. When they meet up in the subway after being chased by goons from the streets they run into each other and decide to team up. They decide to hide out in an abandon church until they find a profecy or something that says that they must save the world from the lord of the demons. Any Questions?
I am looking for 3 boys and 2 girls,

Ok so here is my Character
Name: Olive Omaghen
Age: 17
Personality: Stubborn, friendly, funny, creative, a fighter, brave, adventurous, witty, selfless, sweet, caring
Appearance: little shorted than waist blonde hair w/ highlights, stunning hazel eyes w/ specks of lite green, olive colored tan, short, skinny,
Mythical creature: Phoenix
Powers of that monster or creature: Disinagrates all enemies in a matter of seconds after 7 blows, tears heal all injuries, Flight, erupting into fire, doing anything fire-like.
Position in the group: Leader
Weopon ( when not in monster form): Short clean cut sword
Greatest Weakness: Has too much determination for one job, has to get it done
Greatest Strenght: Agileness, and the ability to climb very well on any surface
Fate: Dies

Scalp your character from this

Age: ( Must be 13 - 17)
Mythical creature- ( choices- Gryffin, Centuar, Chupacabra, and Gargoyle)
Powers of that Magical creature: ( You must have 5 or 4, if the main creature does not have 4 or 5 feel free to make up some)
Weopon ( in non monster form)
Greatest Weakness ( for BOTH creature and human):
Greatest Strenght ( in HUMAN form)
Fate: ( 2 or more no more than 5 tho HAVE to live)

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