Confessions (Not a repost, please read)

You will all probably hate me after this.

Chapter 1

The guilt's been nagging at me every since. I'm sorry to every single one of you who trusted me, which was a very bad decision to make. I'm sorry.

Well, the truth is I'm not really 15. I'm actually 3 years younger than that. I'm really sorry to all of you for lying to you and betraying you like this. I'm sorry for worming my way into your lives and let you say all those nice things to me and do all those things that you do. Such as missing me. You really shouldn't.

Another confession is.. well, I jsut wanted to say that everything else I was telling you in our messages is all true. I never lied about that part. Honestly. Although all of you probably won't believe me at this point. I can't do anything if you do. My age explains my stupidity about certain subjects.

I'm sorry to all of you guys. I'm probably the worst fake there is. And you might be wondering, why would you tell us this? Well, like I said, the guilt inside my chest is killing me. I was going to tell you about this before, but then I coudlnt' bring myself to do it. None of my amazing 12 top friends are on right now at this moment, so it's the perfect time for this. I'm sorry for everything.

I'm sorry to Lily (Blackberry6461). I'll tell you now, although most of my used to be friends would gladly tell you how. To change the subject title.. well, when you have to prove to the website that you're not a robot or something like that, with the red letters you ahve to type in, the message is displayed above it. The subject title is also up there. Just change it by clicking on it and backspacing it. And if you're gonna say thank you (which I have no idea why you would want to), I don't deserve your thanks.

I'm sorry to Melanie (Melly_AP). I'm sorry to my special Host buddy. You can rewrite our group story on your account and make any changes to it if you want. Or you can just forget about it and try to just forget about me.

I'm sorry to Berserkergirl for.. well, everything.

I'm sorry to Emery, my favorite Clato shipper EVER. You stay awesome.

I'm sorry to littletoes, one of my favorite Mortal Instruments/Infernal Devices buddies.

I'm sorry to Raven. Raven, you are special. I may be a fake, but that's a fact. Got that? Never forget it.

I'm sorry to Sarah, my first Quibblo friend ever. I will miss you. Even if you won't miss me. There's no need to keep talking to me via email. You'll go on without me. You have a lot of amazing friends who will keep you company here on this glorious website.

I'm sorry to Natalie, my Imagine Dragons and TMI bestie. Really, you shouldn't have thanked me for suggesting TMI to you. You would've worked your way into it without me.

I'm sorry to Claire, oh wonderful Claire. I will read the Fault In Our Stars one day, and when I do, I'll think of you.

I'm sorry to Hunter, who is by far the nicest guy I've ever met. You are a funny and wonderful person, always.

I'm sorry to Christina. I remember when I first deleted, you said that you were crying, but promise me that you won't cry for me. You deserve a better second top friend than me. But I'll still miss you.

And I'm especially sorry to Liz, my amazing Quibblo bestie forever. We've had many wonderful times together, and promise me something. Promise me that you won't delete after I do. Quibblo would be losing another wonderful soul.

I'm sorry to everybody I've ever talked to or associated with. Some of you might already know, from our messages, that I've deleted. Yes, I have. Don't mourn me. I don't deserve that.

Yeah, I have a messed up mind. But nobody's perfect. My life is messed up , you might say. I would agree with you. And I'm sorry, again.


Tiffany/Tiff/Evil Queen Tiffany/Toffee, signing out. I love you guys. Always.


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