The Crossing Paths

This is a little Warriors fanfic I started writing a little while ago; I hope now I'll finish.

Moons after the Clans you know, Sunpaw, a young she-cat, is sent to face a destiny StarClan cannot face alone. Will she make it, or is StarClan's need too great for her?

Chapter 2


Huh? What am I doing here? This doesn't look like the forest i know...wait, it's vaguely familiar... I think it's the old ShadowClan territory.
A mysterious black tom cat appeared. He seems familiar... I can pick up the scent of ThunderClan on him.
His bright blue eyes look slightly glazed. It seemed like he was half-blind.
"Who are you?" I ask him. 'What are you doing here?"
He responds in a soft voice, "Don't worry. I have a message for you from StarClan."
StarClan? Give a message to me? Why would my warrior ancestors give me a message, and not Brightleaf or Smallpaw? Or maybe Goosestar? I'm not even a warrior; I'm just an ordinary aprentice. What would StarClan tell me?
The tom blinked. "Don't ask so many questions."
I'm confused. How does he know what I'm thinking?
He continues, "Yes, I can read your mind. StarClan gave me that gift when I was a kit."
I nod. "Ok... Go on."
He flicks his tail, signifying for me to follow him. He leads me to a lake.
He taps the water with his tail, and a reflection appears. I see myself... With a white cat, the same size as me... And a larger gray cat...
"What is that?" I ask the tom.
"I can't tell you now", he says. I frown.
"But I can tell you this", he continued, tapping the pool with his tail again so it showed a normal reflection. As he did so, many starry-pelted cats gathered around us and the lake. They all said in unison,
"A great change is coming to the Clan, and it will change everything as you know it."
Then the black tom that had been speaking to me before added, "When times of hardship fall upon the Clan, one cat will stand out like a spark."
A large golden tom stepped forward and continued, "The fate of StarClan rests upon your shoulders. You will change the life of every cat, for better or worse."
A smoky-furred she-cat with brilliant blue eyes stepped forward alongside the two toms. "Hopefully for better. But it all relies on you and your choices."
All three cats finished together, "Good luck, Sunpaw."

Then all the cats disappeared.
"Where did you go?" I yelled. "Why did you leave me?"

"In the name of BlazeClan, what must I do to save the Clan?

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