The Crossing Paths

This is a little Warriors fanfic I started writing a little while ago; I hope now I'll finish.

Moons after the Clans you know, Sunpaw, a young she-cat, is sent to face a destiny StarClan cannot face alone. Will she make it, or is StarClan's need too great for her?

Chapter 17

Chapter 14

Walking over to the pool I saw in my first dream, Jayfeather flicks his tail forward, signaling for me to follow. I stand up, and quickly come over to where he's standing.
He taps the pool with his tail again, and I see the same scene with 3 cats-one my size and orange, one tall and gray/white, and one small and plain white. I can see a bit clearer now... These cats look familiar...
Wait, wait, wait. They look TOO familiar. "Who... Who are they? Why do I feel like I know them?"
Jayfeather takes a deep breath, and mews, "Because you do."
I jump up. "SERIOUSLY?"
I pause. "Wait wait wait... Do you mean?"
The black tom nods slowly. "Yes. It is you. And can you tell who the other cats are?"
I lean towards the pool. "Can I see any closer?"
He dips his paw into the water, and the cats seem to come closer.
Hm... Let's start with the bigger one.
It's definitely a tom. His legs look strong. He has purplish-bluish eyes.
"It's... It's... Whitear?"
Jayfeather's tail ripples. "Yes. And the other cat?"
Hm... She-cat, about 1 mousetail shorter than me. Eyes he color of tree bark.
I gasp. "S-s-smallpaw?"
Jayfeather stands up and breaks the surface of the water with his tail. The illusion slowly fades, and I find myself following Jayfeather to a small meadow. He walks to an old oak tree and stretches out beneath it. "So do you understand what you must do?"
I hesitantly shake my head. "Not exactly."
"Find a way to tell them."
"Why can't some cat from StarClan tell them in a dream?"
"Because they might see it as just that: a dream, nothing more."
I flicks my tail nervously. "But... What do I say?"
He sighs. "You know them. You are a smart cat, Sunpaw."
"Well, what about Goosestar? She won't like her deputy being gone for several moons. And Brightleaf won't just instantly give up his apprentice."
"Brightleaf, we will give a sign. As for Goosestar, worry about her later. Convincing Smallpaw and Whitear are top priority."
I dip my head. "Alright. I'll do what I can."
"Very well. May StarClan light your path."
I smile, and lick his shoulder.
Then my vision fades into darkness, slowly sending me into a drifting calmness that overtakes my senses and sends me slipping into no feeling at all.

AI! Light! Too much light!
I scramble to my paws and blink several times, letting my eyes adjust to the light. In front of me, I see Smallpaw holding the branches of the entrance up. "Wake up, you dormouse! It's morning!"
Yes.. Of course. My memory from my dream last night come flooding back.
How can I tell Smallpaw? I guess I should get it over with...
"Well? Will you answer or not?"
I shake my head vigorously. "Sorry. What was that?"
"I asked you if you wanted to come with me to training. Brightleaf is going to teach me some basic hunting. When Leafbare comes, we'll need all the hunters we can get."
I nod. "Ok. I'll come."
I might have been able to hunt two mice in one leap, had StarClan also had me tell Brightleaf. But they'll tell him when he needs to know.
"Helloo? Is something wrong, Sunpaw? It's like you've been staring into nothingness."
I take a deep breath. "I'm fine. I just had a rough sleep. I woke up at moonhigh and couldn't go back to sleep for a long time. Could I go splash my face into the lake? That should wake me up."
My friend nods. "Sure. Meet me at the freshkill pile when you're ready."
I nod, and run off to the edge of the island. The lake is a deep, dark blue. There are very slow waves rolling to the shore, but I can swim through those. I jump off the edge, and start paddling around. I go under for a few moments, then bob back up. I do this a few times until my senses have cleared up. Much better.
I crawl to shore, shaking my fur out. I wish I could swim longer, but I should get to the freshkill pile. I still need to eat and Brightleaf might decide to leave without me, since technically I'm not actually needed to come with.
Running over to the freshkill pile, I hear Hazelflower's new kits mewling and the dark queen's voice soothing them.
I finally reach the freshkill pile. "Sorry to keep you waiting."
"That's fine", Smallpaw meows with a mouth full of squirrel. She swallows, and takes a last bite of her prey.
I grab a mouse off the pile and quickly eat it. "Ok, let's go."

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