The Crossing Paths

This is a little Warriors fanfic I started writing a little while ago; I hope now I'll finish.

Moons after the Clans you know, Sunpaw, a young she-cat, is sent to face a destiny StarClan cannot face alone. Will she make it, or is StarClan's need too great for her?

Chapter 1

Cats of BlazeClan


Leader: Goosestar, pale yellow she-cat with deep brown eyes

Deputy: Whitear, gray and white tom; originally a loner (app. Sunpaw)

Medicine Cat: Brightleaf, handsome young tabby tom (app. Smallpaw)

Warriors: Tawnybelly, gray tom with blue eyes (app. Blackpaw)--Grayfoot, gray she-cat with lighter feet (app. Windpaw)--Flameye, ginger she-cat with sharp blue eyes--Horsenose, chestnut brown tom with black spots on tail--Heatherstorm, light brown tabby tom--Volefur, lithe she-cat with musky brown fur (app. Rabbitpaw)

Apprentices: Sunpaw, golden she-cat with bright, gleaming green eyes--Blackpaw, muscular black tom with white speckles--Windpaw, pale gray she-cat--Smallpaw, small white she-cat with brown eyes--Rabbitpaw, brownish-grayish tom with blue eyes

Queens: Hazelflower, brown she-cat--Sweetfoot, reddish she-cat with bright blue eyes

Elders: Shortear, stone gray tom with deep scar on ear--Mousetail, brown she-cat--Poppyfether, retired med cat with dark brown speckles on back

Kits: Rosekit, red she-cat with green eyes--Whistlekit, pale tabby she-cat--Treekit, light brown tom with bright blue eyes

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