This is not just another super-hero story. That's all I'm going to put up here. If you want to know more, READ IT. Warning: Spanish may not be the most accurate, since I'm only in Spanish 1.

Chapter 3

Emma Gora

by: Cam12
I wake up very slowly, trying to remember what has happened. My eyes are failing though so I can't see anything that would spark a memory back. I look around at the blurry scenery.

My vision slowly came and went, but I could start to mak out what the place was like. There were tables all throughout the room, all made of metal. There was one man and women walking in and out of the room. The light was dim and the temperature was cold.

I soon came to realize not only was my vision bad but that my hearing wasn't to great either. The whole time I thought no one was talking, but that idea left when the man and women came over and gave me a glimpse of their moving mouths. (Have I always been death?)

I didn't know even the common things I should know about myself. I didn't know my age, favorite color, my nationality, or even my bloody gender. How does someone forget what gender they are?

The man and women walked forward to where I was laying. I tried getting up only to realize that my hands, feet, and waste were strapped to the metal table. The man came over and picked up my red hair. He pointed to it, while the women nodded.

The man placed my hair back down on the table. So know I am thinking that I am either a girl or a boy with really long hair. The women came back wearing a surgeons mask and with a needle in her left hand.

I started squirm around violently. I banged my head on the metal table twice and instantly my hearing came back. "Hold still Emma, it won't hurt unless you stop squirming," said the nurse as she grabbed my hand for the vaccination.

I tried flinging my hands at her but I could never get passed the fact that I was strapped down.

I felt the needle pierce through my skin. The lady lied, it hurts extremely bad. I felt my temperature rise within me like I was going to burst. I shrieked very loudly pretty much giving me the confidence that I am female.

I squirmed around like I was having a seizure. Eventually I felt the straps start loosening underneath my arms. However I also thought I started to smell a fire. The bed straps soon flew off the table and I sprang out of the chair.

I ran out the doors while the doctor yelled and cried, "Get my niece."

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