This is not just another super-hero story. That's all I'm going to put up here. If you want to know more, READ IT. Warning: Spanish may not be the most accurate, since I'm only in Spanish 1.

Chapter 2

Terrance Hart

by: Cam12
"LETS PLAY BALL," I yelled out. My brothers were sitting in the dirt, just staring at the sky.

"Come on Terry!" Ronald yelled back.

"You need the exercise," I replied. I started dragging my foot in the ground in a diamond shape. Everyone loves baseball, especially in Louisanna.

Ricky picked up his baseball. I ran to the middle of the thing and helped him shove pounds of dirt into the middle. You know, for a pitching mound.

I stood on home plate. "Terrance, you need a bat," called Ricky.

"Come on Ricky, you know that I am special." Ricky shrugged his shoulders. He pitched one of his fastballs right to the left of me. The wind wouldn't hange the position. He through it right down the middle.

I tapped my foot on the ground three times. A bat popped out of the ground right into my hands. Without any hesitation, I swung the freshly made bat, sending that sucker far.

"Ha ha, praise the lord," I screamed out. "How'd you fall for that gag again?"

"Why'd you get the power Terrance, I was born first?" called Rickey.

"You know perfectly why. I've told the story millions of times," I replied. I started placing my rock bat back into the ground. That ball is long gone. I'm gonna here this from mama when we get home.

"I've never heard the story," cried out Ronald. Heck no, I am not explaining it again. No way. I'm lucky to be born, no way I am going to Jinx it.

"Come on, time for supper," Ricky called. I grabbed our empty bag and went to the dirt road.

"Ugg, I hate Crawfish night," Ronald winned.

"No Crawfish, all out. Fried Chicken instead," I corrected. No need in hearing his whining all the way back home.

"Yes, I love fried chicken ." Wow he is going to be dissappointed when we get home.

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