My Virtual Book Of Rants That Will Most Likely Offend

Journal, diary, log, venting book, the documentaion of emotional diarrhea; whatever you want to call it, this is it. I am allowing you an exclusive peek into my mind. Though it will mostly be a lot of anger from and angry girl. Mmm, so inviting.
So read...or don' whatever you want...don't read it just cause I told you to. Make up your own minds. Oh dear, this isn't coming out right. Let's just say, "I hope you read this."

Chapter 9

Writing Is Who I Am (Cheesy I Know, But Shut Yo’ Pie Holes).

So, in case you are not aware of this fact, I am dropping out of school.


Indeed, I am pursuing the career of a full time high school dropout/stoner. Not really, don’t get all motherly on my butt. I finally made the decision, after thirteen years of six hour days and ignorant teachers, that school isn’t the place for me.

Now, as most of you can (hopefully) tell, I am definitely not an unintelligent person. I am in fact quite intelligent and just because I’m dropping out of high school, doesn’t mean that I’m suddenly going to be some slack jawed hick and marry my cousin. Actually, I feel that leaving school and pursuing my dream of becoming a novelist is a lot more stimulating for my cranium than sitting in a classroom for an hour learning the deeper meaning within Shakespearian texts. I AM NOT GOING TO USE OLD ENGLISH IN THE REAL WORLD, ENTIRE ENGLISH FACULTY!

Anyway, this is fo’ shizzle, my nizzle the right decision for me and I am so excited to be able to focus all of my creative energy into my writing and not have to worry about exams or assignments or uniforms or stupid juniors. And don’t worry; I will still be updating you with all my pet peeves and anger at the world. I won’t forget all you lovely people when I’m a bestselling author, swear mothers.

Peace & pout, betches.

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