My Virtual Book Of Rants That Will Most Likely Offend

Journal, diary, log, venting book, the documentaion of emotional diarrhea; whatever you want to call it, this is it. I am allowing you an exclusive peek into my mind. Though it will mostly be a lot of anger from and angry girl. Mmm, so inviting.
So read...or don' whatever you want...don't read it just cause I told you to. Make up your own minds. Oh dear, this isn't coming out right. Let's just say, "I hope you read this."

Chapter 2

Dear Android Parental Units...

What up?

I just wanted to write you a quick rant on the internet that you will never see requesting some simple things from you. Thank lol~

1. Please (as stated in the last chapter) let me fail school in peace.
2. Please keep your opinions on my (nonexistent) study routine to yourself.
3. Please only ask about Extension 2 English.
4. Please shut the taco up about my life in general.
5. Please stop treating me like I'm twelve. I may be immature, but I know the difference between "lol, I'm going to walk like a duck and talk real gangster" immaturity and "lol, I'm going to do heroin and have unprotected coitus and drive without a seat belt while doing body shots" immaturity
6. Please stop telling every man and his goat that steps into the house how much of a failure I am.
7. Please stop taking every joke I say seriously and every dream I express as a joke.

Also, to my step-mum specifically:

You didn't even squeeze me out of your baby launcher, so please keep your opinions on how I behave to yourself. And also, you're so stupid it makes my soul bleed and I just want to shove a hot poker up your butthole.

And, dad...

I do loves yah, but shut up lol.

Okay, laters gee.

P.s: I do love you both a lot, so don't get sassy. Just love me and don't question me, ty.

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