hey guys ..i usually create when em bored or hav nuthing to do..well u can say its my hobbie...i write poems.make songs..or make d prblm is dat i lyk creating not writing :P (typing also comes in it) well i usually make stories nd sumtyms i write a small part of stories...sumtym of strting...sumtym middle nd smtyms dis is one ov dem...i would lov it if u'll continue it.

Chapter 1

RANDOM THOUGHTS :P (i really am not good at choosing headings or titles)

dis part can be d strting.or middle or even d ending :P ..take it as wateva u want :)

She headed towards the door with her hair all burned and skin screaming for rescue. The door which is only inches apart to get closed , sneers at her with its devilish eyes. Oh yes! she is close, she's gonna make it. She can feel the evil spirit on her back, but she doesnt care, all that matters is her need of old dear life. She is trying since 4 years to escape the dark world of spirits and ghosts, but at every turn others would tell her the escape is impossible. She never loose hope. All she wants is her family back. Her life is destroyed. She still remembers when four years ago, a girl of around 3 was crying and she went to help her, but as she reached near, the girl grabbed her and took her to this dreadful world, away from light.Now she is here to go back to her world, where she belongs. Door is about to close...dont loose hope...door is millimetres apart...yes! she is near...last and final count down...come on, the door's handle..gotta get it...10 9 8 7 6 5 ...she has reached!!!!. But to her greatest fear, skeletal fingers catches her head, burns it like ashes and pulls her back from the door, away from the light, the only hope for escape...4 3 2 1 ...the door is closed......

ok guys...plz continue a bit pllzz


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