Joy, Denied


Chapter 1

by: _Ripple_
Creeping snake,
Hollow stake,
Dripping, drooping, still, grey drape,
The memory of your neck's nape,
The shadows that the sunbeams make,
I'd give them all up for your sake,
You, who no sacrifice can wake,

Water roiled,
Keepsakes spoil,
Beneath the earth my spirit toils,
Dreaming, 'till my dreams are foiled,
That once again, my eyes, now soiled,
Might lay upon your spirit coiled,
Upon a bed of scented oils,

Idle stead,
Silent, wed,
The emptiness that filled my head,
The moment that your soul was bled,
When life from out your body fled,
When Angels came with gilded heads,
To silently proclaim you dead,

Pooling wine,
The dead divine,
Stinking fields of rotting swine,
These silent, empty eyes of mine,
That watched my hand slip out of thine,
Now forced to live, with joy denied,
I've no more life, but too much time.

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