Down the Rabbit Hole

Alice, Lillian and Scarlett are three ordinary girls from England. One day, Alice is in her garden when she sees the strangest thing: A white rabbit in a waistcoat! Alice follows the strange thing and soon finds herself tumbling down a rabbit hole! Her curious friends follow her. The threesome are surprised to find themselves-and others- in a mythical world known as Wonderland!

Chapter 1


I brought my nose close to a bright white rose. My mother was in the garden, too.
"I wanted red roses!" She cried, plucking a rose and tossing it in the stream that runs through the grounds. A thought came to me, though I should have kept it in.
"You can always paint the roses red." I offered. My mother stopped walking and looked at me with astonishment.
"/Paint/ the roses? Whatever made you think of that?" She said. I shrugged. "Alice, you are seventeen years old. I expect you to act- and think- your age!" I graned. We always had these kinds of talks. I ran ahead of her and climbed my favorite tree - a weeping willow guarding stream. I took off my shoes and stockings, then hicked up my skirts and jumped in.
It's a good thing my betrothed was not around. He and my mother would have had a heart attack if they saw me like this. I was wading about in the stream when I heard two more splashes. Farther down the stream, I saw my best friends, Lillian and Scarlett. They were wading over to me, their stocking and shoes on the other shore.
"Hello everybody!" Scarlett cried, giving me such a hug that I fell down and soaked my rear. Both of them laughed and sat down with me. All day, we caught frogs, collected beauriful rocks, and told stories. Finally dusk came. Mother would expect me inside.
"I must go. Mother will have a fit if I am not in by night." I gave them each a hug good-bye pulled one my stockings and shoes, and began to walk slowly towards the manor. I walked slowly to dry off.Then a most peculiar thing happened - something large and white raced past me. I stood for a moment, then raced after it. Mother had said before, I was too curious for my own good. I raced passed people, the gardens were open to the public, and then saw the creature as it stopped.
It was a white rabbit in a waistcoat!
It was holding a pocketwatch, muttering about he was late. He then began running again. I followed it until I reached a large oak tree. I was just in time to see it's white tail dissapear down a hole in the tree. It was just large enough for me to squeeze through. I crawled thrrough and then found myself tumbling through blackness.

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