Chapter 1


A-avaliable: maybe
B-birthday: 10/24/93
C-crushing on: no one
D-drink you last had: sweet tea
E-easiest person to talk to: emily and khloe
F-fave song: i knew you were trouble talyor swift
G-gummy bears or gummy worms: GUMMY BEARS
H- Hometown: georiga
I-in love with someone: no
K-killed someone: .... maybe... maybe not...
L-longest car ride: UGH 12 FRICKEN HOURS
M-milkshake flavor: stwarberry
Number of siblings: 1
O-one wish: that gays will be able to get married in all states
P-person that called you last:mom
R-reason to smile: i don't really have a reason to i just smile since it's fun
S-song you last sung: trift shop
T-time you woke up: aw s*** like... 6 something in the morning....
U-undeniable fruit: watermelon
V-vegtables: EWWW
W-worst habit: talking alot when nervos
X-x rays you have had: idk....
Y-years living where you live: 11
Z-zodic sign: suripo.. i dont know how to spell


Spell your names with out vowels: mbr
What color do you wear the most: black and red
Least favorite color: yellow
What are you listening to; nothing
What’s your favorite class in school: art
When do you start back at school: already did
Are you out going out with someone: nope
Favorite pair of shoes: CONVERSE! AND jordans
Can you dance: kinda
Can you tie a cherry stem in your mouth: sort of... nope XD
Can you whistle: yes!
Cross your eyes: everyone can... i think
Walk with your toes curled: i think i can


Do you believe in life on other planets: i guess...
Do you believe in miracles: heck yea
Do you believe in magic: WELL DUH
Love at first sight: no
Do you believe in Santa: no
Do you like rollercoasters: a little... i have a fear of heights
Have you ever been on a plane: yes
Have you ever asked someone out: nope
Have you ever been asked out by someone: yes
Have you ever been to the ocean: YES
Have you almost drowned in the ocean: 1
Temperature outside: TOO COLD
Radio station you listen to: 105.7 and 98.1
Last thing you bought: .... um.... DOUNTS XD
Last TV show you watched: FAMILY GUY!!!!
Who was the last person you took a picture of: myself
Ever cried your heart out: no
Ever cried on a friend’s shoulder: yes
Cried over the opposite gender: not really
Cry when you get an injury: phf no..... ok maybe once..or twice
Do songs make you cry: no
Are you a happy person: yes
Current hair color: PINK! no JK it's dark brown last i checked
What are you wearing: clothes?
Eye color: their brown
Short or long hair:long
Height: 5'1/2


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