Smaller Than An Ant (Original Story)

I Honestly Have No Idea What This Is About. Im Going To Just Go With Whatever My Brain Wants To Write About.

Chapter 1


I Groaned, My Eyes Slowly Fluttering Open.
I Was Sitting On The Floor, My Wrists And Feet Chained To A Metal Post Behind Me. I Struggled Against Them , Then Realising I Had A Cloth In My Mouth, Stopping Me From Speaking. My Eyes Swung Down , And I Was Relieved To See I Was In The Same Clothes I Wore Yesterday. I Vaguely Remember Arguing With A Man , Maybe Around 19. Then I Remember It Turning Into A Fight. Im Pretty Sure I Lost. I Can Remember Him Carrying Me After He Knocked Me Down. I Was Too Beaten To Really Acknowledge What Was Happening. After My Eyes Get Used To The Darkness , I Can Make Out An Empty Room And Then A Door, Obviously Locked. Plus It Was A Re-inforced Steel Door By The Looks Of It, Even If I Wasn't Chained To A Metal Pole That Met The Floor And Met The Ceiling , I'd Never Be Able To Get Through The Door. I Froze When I Hear Steady Footsteps Walking Down Stairs, Then They Stopped Straight Outside My Door....

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